Balance by Bistro MD Review

Score: 8.8/10
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Updated: January 2021

Balance by BistroMD Provides A Healthy, No-Commitment, Meal-Delivery Kit Service

BistroMD has many services it offers to its customers including the Balance by BistroMD, which is a completely prepared meal delivery service that provides healthy meals for people on a special diet. And, unlike other meal kit delivery services out there, the Balance by BistroMD program has no membership requirements. You can order whatever you want – any number of meals – without any commitments. 


Board-certified physician Dr. Caroline Cederquist began BistroMD in an effort to help people get the nutritious meals they need and desire. Cederquist specializes in bariatric medicine, which focuses on how food breaks down in the body and is changed over into fuel for the body to use. 


Her approach to healthy meal options includes hiring registered dieticians and nutritionists, getting doctor-approved recipes and professional chefs to make the foods that are shipped to your door. 


Thanks to Balance by BistroMD, you can get have great food that’s healthy and nutritious without having to go through the pangs of meal planning. The company takes care of the grocery shopping and cooking. All you have to do is unpack the meals and heat them up from their flash-frozen state. 


All this can be done in mere minutes. 

What Can You Expect From Balance by BistroMD


There are a ton of menu options to choose from – more than 150 meals that can be made in five minutes or less. You have your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as supplements and snacks.  You can find dishes of all types – made by experienced, professional chefs – such as Mediterranean, Asian or Oriental cuisines. The service also provides specialty meals for people who are on a low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free, vegetarian, diabetic, heart-healthy, low sodium and more diets. 


BistroMD prides itself on offering the freshest ingredients possible, working with vendors and farmers through the local area and nationwide. They employ tactics that ensure they make very little impact on their environment. 


BistroMD’s Balance program uses only high-quality ingredients that are completely free of additives, phosphates, nitrates and other chemicals. 


Once you order your meals, the chefs will prepare it, putting them in branded sleeves and then package it up in an insulated box, putting a large ice gel pack on top and bottom.  Even if you’re not home with the box arrives, it will stay cool for hours after the delivery. You’ll find that all your meals will have stayed frozen during this time. 


The branded sleeves will include meal name, nutritional information and heating instructions. 


None of the meals are mass-produced; made to order as if you were making them in your home. Since they are professionally cooked in company kitchens throughout the U.S. in minute amounts at a time, the meals are likely to taste great. And, with each meal having very generous portion sizes, you’re unlikely to be hungry after eating. 


How Does Balance by BistroMD Ordering Process Work?


It’s very easy to place your order with Balance by BistroMD. Just take a look at the website and its menu. Choose the meal choices you want, adding it to the shopping cart and check out. Once the order has been received, your meal will be made using those fresh ingredients, then flash frozen and packaged properly to be delivered to your door.


When checking out the full menu, you can sort the choices by three categories:


  • Meal type

  • Diets

  • Price 


You can also use the filters – specials and new additions – to see what’s being offered. 


With Balance by BistroMD, you have full discretion of how little or a lot you want to order. It’s a completely customizable service that lets you create a menu for yourself, tailoring it to your needs. It’s a very simple service that comes with no commitment requirements. 


Should You Give Balance by BistroMD A Try?


The service is applicable to anyone who wants to lose weight, people who are busy but don’t have the time to make healthy, nutritious meals all the time, people who like to eat healthy but don’t like cooking and people who follow a special diet such as gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie, etc.  


It is the best solution for individuals, couples or people with families. 


You don’t have to cook the meals you get. They’re already cooked using fresh ingredients and flash frozen so they can be sent to you to just heat and eat. That’s how easy it can be to use Balance by BistroMD. And, since there is no commitment, unlike many other meal kit delivery services available, it’s even better!