Best Frozen Meal Delivery Service of 2020

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We reviewed and ranked all the top frozen meal delivery services of 2020. Before you dive in, we have provided with top-rated prepared meal kits on the market.

Updated: January 2020
Price per serving: $8.99-$11.99
Shipping: $19.95 First Week Free
150 Meal Combinations Per Week
50 State Delivery
Price per serving: $8.57-$13.00
Shipping: $9.99
Local pickup available, save on shipping
Great selection each week
Price per serving: $11.50-$13.50
Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $115
Sous vide or microwave friendly
real eats logo.jpg
Price per serving: $5.99-$13.99
Shipping: $19.95
100 Meals and Snack to choose from
Great value
balance by bistromd logo.jpg
Price per serving: $8.99-$12.5
Shipping: Free
100% Natural ingredients
Up to 30 choices per week
freshly logo_edited.jpg
Price per serving: $9.9-$11.70
Shipping: Free with subscription, otherwise $9.99
Plant based meals
96% Organic
Over 100 choices per week
Price per serving: $6.49-$13.99
Shipping: Free with orders of $99, otherwise $19.95
silver cuisine logo_edited.jpg
Price per serving: $11-$15
Shipping: Free
Over 20 meals to choose from each week
Athlete focused meals
factor logo.jpg

How You Can Find A Good Frozen Meal Delivery Service  

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has made it difficult for many families to eat the nutritious food their bodies need. Still, the human body needs nutrients if it is to grow, think and stay healthy. This is one of the many reasons frozen meal delivery services have become so popular. You get all the healthy food your body needs without the need to prepare and make the meals yourself. 


What Are The Advantages Of A Frozen Meal Delivery Service?


The truth of the matter is that society doesn’t have a lot of time to cook these days with so much going on. For instance, people are working longer hours, kids have afterschool activities and a plethora more.  People enjoy this kind of life, for the most part. But, healthy food has taken a backseat, which has led them to fast food and casual-dining restaurants. 


This is why frozen meal delivery services came about – to provide you with what you need when you need it. Of course, frozen meal delivery services may sound a bit incongruous, but thankfully, advancements have been made in the freezing process. In the past, the freezing process altered how the food tasted, but today’s processes ensure that meals taste great without any type of effect to it. 


When it comes to frozen meal delivery services, reputable ones only use organic ingredients – foods that have been grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides. And, in the cooking process, chefs won’t add preservatives to the food.  The majority of highly-respected frozen meal delivery services provide a broad range of meals for you to try – each one separated into programs and plans.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is behind using the frozen meal delivery service – weight loss, healthy living, etc. – these services have a program that will fit into your lifestyle and budget.


Best of all, nutritionists, fitness instructors and health professionals have helped in the development of these foods. 


Once you register for an account of a frozen meal delivery service, you get more benefits including but not limited to:


  • Customization for your unique nutritional needs

  • Personal diet program

  • Calorie-counting app (if available)

  • Meal planning

  • Gift options, loyalty discounts, etc. 

What Makes Frozen Meal Delivery Services So Worthwhile?


The great thing about frozen meal delivery services is that you can enjoy a healthy diet without having to go grocery shopping for the ingredients. They’re extremely beneficial for busy individuals and families, as they provide tasty restaurant-like meals without the need to shop, prep or cook. 


In many cases, the food you purchase from the store is not always its freshest. In fact, if food is picked too early, it’s lost up to half of its nutritional value. Add that loss to the nutrient loss from the food sitting on the shelves.  However, if you freeze food when it’s at its freshest, you keep all the nutrients locked in and have meals that meet all your dietary needs for the day.

The majority of frozen meal delivery services will flash-freeze their meals, which ensures the nutritional value is retained and foods looked good until you’re ready to eat.

What is flash freezing? It’s the method of circulating cold air around food to reduce the temperatures. This quick-chill process stops the moisture loss by keeping ice crystals small.  Food spoils when the freezing method isn’t up to par. This is why you need to carefully research each frozen meal delivery service – ones that offer high-quality foods that retain the most flavor, taste and variety.


What You Need To Look For From A Frozen Meal Delivery Service 


When it comes to frozen meal delivery services, there are a few factors that you need to weigh before settling on any particular one. Make sure you really do your homework here to get the best deal possible from your frozen meal delivery service. 


Meal Selections 


The first thing to consider is the meal options for the frozen meal delivery service. How many choices in meals does the service provide? The more you see on the menu, the better the service. This means you can customize your meal to fit into your dietary preferences. You can also ask for ingredients to be left out – things you are intolerant or allergic to, or ingredients you don’t care for. 


Dish Assortment 


Highly-reputable frozen meal delivery services provide a variety of meals to ensure customers don’t become bored. This is especially important if you follow a special diet such as gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto, diabetic diet, etc. Be sure to invest in a frozen meal delivery service that offers rotating menus with delicious new meals every week.


By ensuring food variety, you can find a new favorite dish every week without it repeating every couple of weeks. 


Other things to consider include:


  • Portion sizes

  • Nutritional value

  • Flexibility 

  • Prices 


The key is to invest in a frozen meal delivery service that won’t lead to food waste, offers plan flexibility and is affordable.  Will the service allow you to make changes to your food program without an additional cost? For example, can you skip a delivery, pause the subscription or cancel it without a fee? Why not try it? Most services give you a discount of your first order.