2020 Best Keto Meal Kit Delivery Service

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We reviewed and ranked all the top keto meal kit delivery services. Here are our top choices.

Updated: April 2020
Green Chef.jpg
Price per serving: $11.99-$12.99
Shipping: $6.99-$13.98
3-6 choices per diet preference 
USDA Certified Organic
Price per serving: $10.99-$11.99
Shipping: $6.99
18 recipes per week
99% organic
Price per serving: $8.57-$13.00
Shipping: $9.99
Local pickup available, save on shipping
Great selection each week

What is the ketogenic diet?

One of the most popular diets to spring up in the last few years is the keto diet, which causes the body to generate ketones (or tiny fuel molecules). Ketones are the body’s alternative fuel source when there is not enough glucose. They occur when you consume foods with little to no carbohydrates and a minute amount of protein.


The liver is responsible for ketone production that comes from fat. These ketones are the body’s fuel source. With this diet, your body uses fat to burn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With low insulin levels, the body increases its fat burning level. Therefore, any fat stored in the body is burned off.


One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is its ability to help people quickly lose weight. However, it also has other health benefits that may make this diet so much better than others for some individuals.  


What Foods Can You Eat On The Keto Diet?


Before getting into that, it’s important to know which foods qualify as being keto-accepted. These foods include meat, seafood and fish, eggs, natural fat or high-fat sources (think butter and peanut butter), high-fat dairy, vegetables, berries and nuts. When it comes to drinking sources, water is best. However, you can also have tea, coffee and bone broth.  On rare occasions, you can have dark chocolate and alcohol but moderate amounts of them.


What Are The Benefits Of Keto Diet?


People who follow the keto diet swear it helps them in a multitude of ways. 


Increase In Energy Levels


When you first start the diet, you may feel lethargic and confused, and have headaches and nausea. Many call this the keto flu, but it’s just a sign that the body is adjusting itself from using carbs to fat as its fuel source.  Once this happens, you tend to have a lot of energy and stamina, which can be used in workouts too if you’re on the diet for weight loss.


Fewer Cravings and Weight Loss


As stated before, the biggest reason anyone starts a diet – including the keto diet – is to lose weight. How can you lose weight on the diet? The body has a harder time converting fat into energy than it does with carbs. Since the keto diet limits carb consumption and increases protein consumption, it can increase the speed in which you lose weight.


Another way in which you lose weight is that you lose the desire to eat. The increase in protein consumption helps to you to control your blood sugar levels, which is what causes you to crave certain types of food (pretty much, unhealthy junk such as cookies, cakes, PopTarts, etc.). When you don’t experience the roller coaster ride of cravings, you make better food choices that can help you to lose weight.


Plus, you may find that you don’t eat as often either.

Keto Diet Final Thoughts 

As you see, the keto diet can be beneficial to many people – not just for those individuals who want to lose weight but want to feel better overall. Whether you are already or starting the keto diet, meal kits are a good way to maintain the lifestyle. It can save you time and money. It is also a great way to discover new recipes and not being stuck eating the same things all the time. Meal Kit Advisor provides some deals to get you started on the keto diet.