2020 Best Low Calorie Kit Delivery Service

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We reviewed and ranked all the top Low-Calorie meal kit delivery services. Here are our top choices.

Updated: April 2020
Price per serving: $11.99-$12.99
Shipping: $6.99-$13.98
3-6 choices per diet preference 
USDA Certified Organic
Price per serving: $10.99-$11.99
Shipping: $6.99
18 recipes per week
99% organic
Price per serving: $8.57-$13.00
Shipping: $9.99
Local pickup available, save on shipping
Great selection each week

Why A Low-Calorie Meal Kit Delivery Service Is Useful For Your Dietary Needs

When it comes to low-calorie diets, you need to do it just right or the health consequences could be devastating. You need to determine what your ideal daily calorie intake is to ensure you have enough room to create a deficit that’s beneficial but doesn’t keep you deprived of the necessary nutrients your body needs. 


Why Should You Consider A Low-Calorie Meal Delivery Kit?  


Scientists and researchers agree that a low-calorie diet can a significant amount of changes in the body’s chemistry and metabolism. This, in spite of a person’s weight. A person who consumes less food has a chance to lead a longer, healthier life. Along with that, a lower body weight can stop the development of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases and, at the same time, slow the process of aging down. 


When you follow a healthy, low-calorie diet, you can naturally lose weight that ensures you don’t sacrifice anything to do so. You want to eat healthy foods that are loaded with nutrients but are low in calories. By doing so, you can notice psychological changes:


  • Mood improvement

  • Quality of life improvement

  • Less anxiety and tension (can handle everyday issues)


Another helpful aspect of low-calorie diets is how they can improve your sleep quality and the length of your sleep. If you have sleep apnea, reducing the number of calories you have can improve the condition’s symptoms. 


A lower-calorie diet can help increase your libido, which can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. 


Along with the benefits associated with the lower consumption of calories, there are advantages of using a low-calorie meal delivery kit. For example, you save yourself both money and time while you get only the tastiest and natural ingredients for your meals. There’s no need to plan out your meals ahead of time – you pick what you want for delivery, and it’s sent to your preferred address.


Thanks to the easy-to-follow recipes, you can improve upon your culinary skills and make good-for-you, tasty low-calorie meals you and your whole family will enjoy. 


What Makes Low-Calorie Meal Kits Services So Different?


Any diet that limits your calorie consumption has the ability to benefit your body, but, not done correctly, and it can do more harm than good. Your body needs nutrients – vitamins and minerals. People, in the hopes of losing weight, will go to extremes. And, this can lead to both malnutrition and other health issues. 


Following a low-calorie diet means coming up with a plan that you follow meticulously to ensure you lose weight and still get the necessary nutrients your body needs to function on a daily basis. This is why low-calorie meal delivery kit companies have grown in popularity. They consist of nutritional professionals who provide advice to people who might need it. 

With the best low-calorie meal kit delivery service, you save yourself time – no need to meal plan, grocery shop or prepare meals. It’s already done for you! You just have to cook the ingredients you are sent in 30 minutes or less and follow the recipes. The ingredients are all-natural, free of GMOs, have no artificial substances and are fresh. 


The companies also provide you with a breakdown of the meals’ calorie value to ensure you don’t consume more calories than you burn. 


What Factors Do You Need To Consider In Low-Calorie Meal Kit Companies 


The reality is that coming up with the right intake of calories that aligns with your dietary goals can be difficult, especially if you’ve never counted calories or worried about your diet. Thankfully, there is a lot of high-quality, low-calorie meal kit delivery services that are ready and able to assist you in attaining goals you’ve set for a healthier lifestyle.  


Of course, to make this happen for yourself, you need to know what to look for in each company. Which one is more ideal for your situation and will help you to meet your goals?


Meal Options and Variety – The two biggest factors you’re likely to consider when choosing a meal kit delivery company to do business are meal variety and options. What good is a low-calorie meal kit delivery service if they fail to provide you with numerous delicious options each week? With an array of choices each week, you won’t become bored and will want to continue with your diet.


Portion Size and Nutritional Value – A reduction in your calorie intake doesn’t mean a reduction in your nutrients and portion sizes. Instead, it’s just changing what you eat and still giving your body its much-needed nutrients. Proper portion sizes for one person may not work for another person. 

Flexibility and Price – You also need to consider what the subscription price and flexibility are. Can you pause the subscription when needed? Is it difficult to cancel it? Are there any hidden fees? 

These are all things you must consider when you look at the different low-calorie meal kit delivery services?