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2020 Best Meal Delivery Kit For Singles

We reviewed and ranked all the top meal kit on the market for singles. Here are our top choices.

Updated: April 2020

home chef logo 1.png
Price per serving: $7.99-$9.95
Shipping: $10 for orders less than $45
26 recipes per week
30 minutes or less recipes
Price per serving: $6.99-$9.99
Shipping: Free
19 recipes per week
Great value
Price per serving: $4.99
Dinnerly logo.jpg
Shipping: $8.99
8 recipes per week
Best value
Price per serving: $8.99-$12.5
freshly logo_edited.jpg
Shipping: Free
100% Natural ingredients
Up to 30 choices per week

Meal Kit Delivery Service For Singles

When it comes to cooking for one, you may have some trouble cooking just enough for yourself, making too much that then needs to be frozen or tossed out.


Go to the grocery store for shopping and, most seem to only offer family pack meals. What do you do? You may consider that all you should be eating is pizza and take out. 




There is a solution to your dilemma. They are called meal kit for singles delivery services. Of course, very few companies offer this service, as most do a two-person minimum. 


Maybe that's a sign for you to consider. You could cook it once and eat it two times, or you can divide it up and have the meal twice.


Whatever your choice, you can skip the need to plan your meals, shop and cook the meals. There is no unnecessary waste; just simple cooking every night of the week. This saves you time and money. What could be better than that?


Now, you may be wondering how to choose a meal kit delivery service that you can use as a singles-only option.  Don't fret. There are a few things to consider in a service.


You probably know why more and more companies are focusing their services on couples and families. It's more cost-effective for them to do so. Think about it; there is the shipping costs, the production of the food and the handling of it all. Take that all into consideration, and it's no wonder there is no singles-only meal kit delivery service company.


How To Find A Meal Kit Delivery Service For One 


Though there are few, if any, meal kit delivery service companies out there that cater to the singles community, there is a huge demand for them. It’s why you need to consider each service, and determine if the plan is something that could work for you – even if they don’t offer a singles-only option. The key things to look for include the following:


  • Uses only high-quality, fresh ingredients that have a longer lifespan in the refrigerator

  • Can easily and effortlessly prep and cook your meals

  • Easy-to-follow recipes that anybody can do (beginners too)

  • Tasty meals even when heated again

  • Kits with ingredients that can be used multiple times

  • Flexible subscriptions where you can skip orders when necessary

  • Prices don’t surpass takeout costs


Seek Out Companies With Freshest Ingredients


When it comes to meal kits, you want a service that offers very fresh ingredients than even those you find in stores. These are the companies that work in conjunction with farmers and suppliers to source their meals.  


By doing this, you could have ingredients that last for several days longer than you’re used to (and still be fresh).  This is important as it means a three two-serving kit can last up to six days. You can’t get that with conventional groceries, as in six days, food tends to spoil.  Therefore, freshness and quality are high on the list of things to keep an eye on in a meal kit delivery service company.




As a single person, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen – either because of the lack of time or the desire to do so. Go with companies that provide the freshest ingredients but offer you quick dishes you can make with very little mess and cleanup. In fact, you should consider companies that offer 30 minutes or less meals.


Easily Prep and Cook Foods


Most singles don’t have the culinary skills to cook a four-course meal, so find a service that makes it easy for you to cook a meal that looks like you slaved all day in the kitchen but didn’t. Don’t go for companies that have complex recipes. Instead, choose ones that focus on quick but tasty meals such as stir-fry. 


Meals That Taste Great Reheated 


In most cases, a meal kit delivery service is only going to offer a two-person minimum for meal kits. Therefore, you’re going to have leftovers. You want a company that offers tasty leftovers as if you just made it for the first time that day.  Now, this is tricky as some services fail in this arena for two reasons:


  • The meals are hard to reheat

  • The meals don’t taste as they did after 24 hours in the refrigerator


Of course, this is subjective, and what you find is reasonable for you may not be for someone else. 


Reusable Ingredients


You also want to look for meal kits that offer ingredients that can be used repeatedly.  For example, you may want to use a service that divides the ingredients up by recipe, so you know how much food is needed for one service. If a bag has two servings of something in it, you can easily divide it up for use at another time.  This ensures you don’t have leftovers but a new meal altogether for you to cook. 




Another factor to consider is how flexible the subscription is of the meal kit delivery service. You should find one that allows you to pause the service when you feel you have too much food at the moment. Or, if you find that you no longer need the service, you can cancel easily and effortlessly. 


Best Possible Value


Nobody wants to waste their money on something, which is why you want to get the most bang for your buck. Be sure you look at meal kit delivery services that give you more than you expect while also offering healthy food that’s also affordable and better than takeout. 


Should You Invest In A Meal Kit Delivery Service As A Single


Believe it or not, when compared to traditional cooking, meal kit for singles is far more convenient and a lot healthier. First off, you don’t have to worry about meal planning, shopping and prepping; it’s already done for you! You don’t have to contend with grocery store lines or wasted food. Meal kits are healthier and fit into the budget more so than ready-made foods or takeout.   


Why should you invest in this kind of service?


  • No need to spend time looking for recipes

  • No reason to grocery shop and buy food you may or may not eat

  • Decreases the time spent in the kitchen

  • You can plan meals in a matter of minutes

  • You eat healthier foods

  • You know where the food is being sourced from

  • You save money on takeout, food trucks, restaurants, etc. 

  • It’s home delivery 


When you’re eating just for yourself, skipping meals and other bad habits such as eating fast food is easy to do. This is very true if you’re on a tight schedule with very little extra time devoted to your diet.  The best way to combat these issues is to order from a meal kit delivery service that either caters to singles or offers meals that can be reheated easily (and still taste good) or with ingredients that can be stored longer for another meal option. 


It’s like getting a frozen meal, but it’s home-cooked food. 


Basically, a singles meal kit delivery service allows you to spend money where you want or need and not in fast food places or restaurants. You can start cooking in your kitchen and learn all kinds of culinary tricks. These kits are designed to make it fun to cook and eat healthy at the same time. 


What Makes These Services Meal Kit Delivery Service So Different Than Others?


The list for singles meal kit delivery services isn’t very long; mostly because these services were designed with couples and families in mind.  To stand out among all the other options that could work as a singles-only meal kit delivery service, these companies need to provide something others have failed to provide. This includes the following things:


  • Organic, sustainable foods that are of superior quality

  • Ingredients that are pre-prepped to eliminate prep and cooking times

  • Wide array of recipes

  • Caters to special diets (with wide variety of foods)

  • Offers specialized meal plans

  • Extras – menu items for breakfast, lunch and dessert

  • Free shipping on all orders

  • Budget-friendly compared to other companies 


Simply put, you want a singles-in-mind meal kit delivery service that does more than just providing food for singles. You want to look at the various options that make them better than competitors. 


It doesn’t matter if it’s the ingredients, the budget, the different meal options or the suitability. You just want to work with a company that goes above and beyond to ensure you are getting the most out of it for the money you spend. 


What You Need To Remember 


There is a void to be filled in the meal kit delivery service industry, but if you’re going to wait for that day, you may be waiting a long, long time.  Instead, take advantage of the two-person meal options that many companies offer. Be sure to read Meal Kit Advisor reviews and get a good idea of how fresh their ingredients are. 


Weigh the pros and cons of each one.  


  • Do you want meals that can be cooked quickly and effortlessly?

  • Do you want meals that are healthy?

  • Do you want meals that can last you more than one day?


If your goal is to stop eating fast food altogether, then you need to do some research and find the meal kit delivery services that offer great meals for one (even if they’re not advertising as such).  There are many services out there that make it easy to cook meals just for yourself and have leftovers for the next day or really fresh ingredients that can be used for another time.  


Don’t forget to look for services that are affordable and will cost less than fast-food takeout and your grocery bill. The key is to find a service that provides you with healthy, delicious meals at an affordable price that’s less than what you’d pay elsewhere. 


No matter why you decide to go with a meal kit delivery service – be it healthier foods, spending less time in the kitchen, etc. – you want a company that gives you a great feeling inside and out about the whole experience and leaves you feeling satisfied.