2020 Best Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Service

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We reviewed and ranked all the top vegan meal kit on the market. Here are our top choices.

Updated: April 2020
Price per serving: $10.99-$11.99
Shipping: $6.99
18 recipes per week
99% organic
Green Chef.jpg
Price per serving: $11.99-$12.99
Shipping: $6.99-$13.98
3-6 choices per diet preference 
USDA Certified Organic
Price per serving: $9.9-$11.70
Shipping: Free with subscription, otherwise $9.99
Plant based meals
96% Organic

What is the vegan diet?


There is so much information – good and bad – about the vegan diet that it’s easy to be confused by it all. What exactly does it mean to go vegan? It means you do not use or consume any product that has come from an animal. For example, you don’t drink milk because it comes from a cow. You don’t eat bacon because it comes from a pig.


In essence, a vegan will not eat meat, fish, poultry or any products that come from animals such as gelatin, dairy or eggs.  That’s the gist of who a vegan is.


Now, you may be wondering why anyone would want to give up animal food and products. For some people, the answer is easy, and for others, it’s a combination of reasons. What are the most common reasons people choose to use a vegan diet?


3 Reasons People Opt For The Vegan Diet


They Feel Every Creature Ought To Be Free


If you knew what all went into your animal food, you would probably become vegan yourself.  Most vegans live under the premise that all animals have the right to be free to live as they should – not locked up and killed. Could you eat the chicken you met and held?  If you connected with the chicken, could you see it slaughtered for your consumption?


They’re Trying To Eat Healthier


It’s possible to be vegan and unhealthy, as consuming foods such as bread, cakes, chips, and cookies can lead to weight gain and lower energy levels. Vegans, however, tend to become more aware of the foods they are eating. This often results in good things such as lower stress levels, more energy, fewer stomach problems, etc.


They Want To Take Care Of The Environment


Factory farms are seen as a drain on the environment, emitting greenhouse gases and causing deforestation. However, going vegan means you help the environment. You just eat plants rather than animals and still eat as you did previously.

The Bottom Line

Where you are choosing to go vegan for health or social reason, a vegan can facilitate your decision. There are many companies that offer vegan option and the best way to find out which is the best for you is to try them all. Meal Kit Advisor has provided you with a list of deals that can you try them all.