Bistro MD Review

Score: 9.0/10
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Updated: Janurary 2021

BistroMD Offers Four Healthy Meal Plans Using Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients 


The Bistro MD prepared meal delivery service was developed around the idea of offering meals centered on the needs of a healthy diet. Its founder – board-certified Dr. Caroline Cederquist – came up with it after specializing in bariatric medicine, which is the look at how food breaks down and is changed into fuel for the human body.


BistroMD does everything for its customers – developing delicious, nutritious recipes, shopping, cooking and delivery. The only thing customers have to do themselves is heat the meals they order and eat! All BistroMD meals are nutritionally-balanced so customers can attain or maintain a healthy lifestyle with meals that meet their dietary requirements.


4 BistroMD Plans Customers Can Choose From


BistroMD offers four types of plans varying on meal types and number of days.


  • Five Days’ Program – Includes five lunches and dinners

  • Seven Days’ Program – Includes seven lunches and dinners

  • Full Five Days’ Program – Includes five breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • Full Seven Days’ Program – Includes seven breakfasts, lunches and dinners along with a My Night option.


There are more than 150 meal options that rotate every week – with each one ready to eat in no more than five minutes.  Medical experts have come up with the meals, and professional chefs cook them for customers.  The company has numerous registered dieticians and nutritionists working alongside one another to develop the large BistroMD menu. These individuals work to identify new healthy and tasty recipes that can be added to the menu for customers to try and enjoy.


BistroMD offers dishes that everybody is sure to find worthwhile – Asian dishes, seafood, stews, soups, pasta, etc. The menu also consists of dishes that fall into dietary needs such as gluten-free, diabetic, low-calorie, vegetarian, and heart-healthy.


Who Was BistroMD Created For?


  • People who want to maintain or lose weight.

  • People always on the go but still want to eat a nutritious meal at home (no restaurant meals).

  • People who don’t like cooking but still like the idea of eating well.

  • People who are on a certain diet and need a little help with maintaining it – vegetarian, diabetic, gluten-free, etc.


What Can You Expect From BistroMD?


When it comes to Bistro MD dishes, you are sure to like what you get. The food is amazingly good, satisfying and healthy – lean food for a healthy body. In the majority of cases, the food tastes homemade, which should not surprise anyone has the meals are cooked by professional chefs in various kitchens throughout the U.S. in minute amounts at a time – no assembly line cooking. Meals are prepared as they would be in at home and then flash frozen to be sent to customers’ homes.


All ingredients are completely fresh and natural – no msg, trans fats or freeze-dried foods. All ingredients have been carefully selected, and BistroMD works with in conjunction with local family-owned farms for their products such as hormone-free chicken and rBGH-free beef.


BistroMD also offers snacks from granola,  nuts, dark chocolate and coconut bars for a sweet but healthy snack for times when you’re hungry but don’t need to eat a full-blown meal, or you’re out and about with no healthy food around.


If you’re worried about what the products are like when shipped to you, rest assured that BistroMD took steps to alleviate that concern. The box comprises of interior insulating material, with its contents surrounded by ice (top and bottom). Even if left outside for some time, the meals are still frozen when you finally pick it up.


The meals are wrapped individually with a branded sleeve, giving you the meal’s name, nutritional facts and how to heat it up. It’s that easy!


How Easy Is It To Sign Up With BistroMD?


BistroMD made it easy to register for an account via its website. All you do is choose from its four meal plans, set up an account and choose what meals you want. Visit the “My Bistro” tab to make changes to your subscription.  If you want to change out a meal from something else or change the plan or cancel the service, this is where you’ll go.


No questions are asked if you do decide to cancel the subscription. Just hit the cancel button, and you’ll no longer get the service.


Should You Try BistroMD Meal Kit Delivery Service?


If you’re all about a healthy lifestyle and detest the idea of eating out because it’s quick and easy, then BistroMD may be just what you’ve been looking for. It’s a great solution for individuals who want to lose or maintain weight, want a healthy meal but don’t have time to cook, who don’t like the idea of cooking or follow a certain diet.


There is no cooking you do yourself. The meals come fully-prepared, fresh and frozen, which means you just heat and eat. It really is just that simple – from registration to eating.