Bright Cellars Review

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Updated: April 2020

Bright Cellars Wine Club Offers Single 6-Bottle Plan At An Affordable Price

Two MIT graduates came up with the Bright Cellars wine club after coming up with an unusual pairing algorithm that ensures the wines you get are wines that are based on the tastes you have. Bright Cellars was created for those who love and appreciate the wine world so that members can explore the vast world of wineries.


 There are many reasons to consider a Bright Cellars Wine Club membership, but the sheer simplicity of it is the biggest reason. It’s got one plan that involves sending you six bottles a wine every month. The plan provides you some flexibility on what kind of one you want – white, red or mixed. And, if you need to skip weeks, the company gives you the option. 


Who Is The Club For? Why Should You Consider It?


Anybody who loves wine or has an interest in it should consider getting a Bright Cellars Wine Club membership. It was created for both newbies and experienced wine tasters. Bright Cellars give you access to wines you cannot easily find in your local stores. 


  • Customized membership process

  • Domestic and international wine selections

  • Affordable

  • Delight guarantee (exchange wines you don’t like for something else)

  • Flexible membership (kinds of wines, skipping deliveries, etc.)

How Is Your Wine Club Experience Customized With Bright Cellars


A huge benefit to Bright Cellars is the customized experience you get. It begins with a simple quiz you fill out to see what your drinking profile and preferred tastes. Using this quiz, the company picks out your initial wine selection. Any future deliveries are based on the feedback provided on previous orders. Your profile is constantly getting updated. Eventually, you’ll get wines that fit your palate. 


How To Manage Your Bright Cellars Account


Everything about your Bright Cellars membership account is handled through your membership. Just go through the website to answer the quiz and set the account up for your first wine order. Go through the different wines available, rank wines that you’ve had before and reorder the ones you like the best. You can even make changes to your delivery preferences.


If you have a month you need to skip, for whatever reason, use the Skip a Month policy Bright Cellars offers to its members. If you want to cancel your membership, reach out to the Bright Cellars’ customer service department to do so.


Bright Cellars Wines 


Bright Cellars want to give its members only the best wines available. Therefore, they hold a tasting process. In every 12 wines they taste, only one is usually applied to the wine list. They often look for the unusual wines boutique wineries from around the world tend to offer (Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.). These are the wines you usually wouldn’t see in your local stores. 


Should You Get A Bright Cellars Membership?


If you want a wine club with a simplified system that gives you the best wines available on the market, then you need not look any further than Bright Cellars. 


The process to personalize your wine list is easy – with a simple quiz to match wines with your palate. You get all kinds of wines to try that you are sure to enjoy at prices you are sure to love. And, with six bottles a month at the affordable price, there really is no reason not to consider Bright Cellars wine club today.