California Wine Club Review

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Updated: April 2020

How The California Wine Club Can Satisfy Your Wine Cravings

The California Wine Club, which was founded in 1990, has five club levels for interested parties to sign up for. This makes it one of the best wine club services on the market because there is something for everybody. The company focuses on providing its members with artisan wineries from California and other locations around the world. This means you get to try the best wines from global boutiques.


A Look At The 5 Levels Of California Wine Club


California Wine Club gives you an array of choices with its five different club levels:


·        Premier Series – This is the most popular California Wine Club level. It comes with two hand-selected bottles of prized wine from the wine country of California area, sent to members once a month.


·        Signature Series – This level is geared toward people who have some experience with wine and a real palate for it. With this level, you’ll get two bottles of wine every month from the best California wines. The wines offered at this level is so popular, it’s difficult to find them in an actual store. 


·        International Series – Anybody who loves international wines can check out the International Series level offered by California Wine Club. With this level, you get to try two bottles of artisan-designed wines provided by small worldwide boutiques every month.


·        Aged Cabernet Series – If you have a seasoned palate, get two bottles of Napa Valley Cabernets sent to your home. These wines are aged up to 12 years in a temperature-controlled atmosphere, ready for you to enjoy. 


·        Pacific Northwest Series – If you love the wines of Washington and Oregon, get two bottles of this area’s wines from the best wineries the region has to offer. 


Who Was California Wine Club Created For?


The reality is that the California Wine Club is that it’s a bit pricier than other wine clubs you could sign up for. In saying that, it does give its members the best (high-quality) wines from the state of California and other places from around the world. Of course, most of the attention is placed on California wines. 


Why should you sign up for a California Wine Club membership?


  • Only $1 shipping is charged for wines you reorder.

  • Personal consultants will help you to choose the right wines for your palate.

  • Get up to 50 percent off any wine reorders.

  • Take advantage of the My Wine Cellar aspect of the service, which will help you to choose the right wines for your taste buds.

  • Check out the VIP tours of highlighted wineries while also accessing the California wine country travel guide. 


How To Subscribe and Manage Your California Wine Club Account?


 To sign up for a California Wine Club membership, just go to the company website and subscribe. Once done, you can start the ordering process. You’ll need to choose which plan you want and specify what your preferences are including but not limited to:


  • Kind of wine

  • Delivery frequency 


After that, just check out. 


And, managing your account is just as is. Just log on and update your membership plan, reorder wines that you like, use the personalized wine cellar to manage your choices and ensure your information is current. 


What Kinds Of Wines Are Available With A Club Membership 


California Wine Club is focused on the smaller wineries – those family-owned – to provide members with. They work with about 200 boutique wineries around the world, with more in the California region. However, you’ll also experience wines from Australia, Chile, France, Italy, etc. 


Check out the full list on its website. 


Should You Try California Wine Club For Your Wine Needs?


If you love the wines of California, then you should definitely get a membership with California Wine Club. It’s also ideal for people who appreciate the boutique wines that come from smaller vineyards. 


And, with five plans for people to choose from, you’ll sure to enjoy the high-quality wines that can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Plus, you can numerous benefits being a member of the club, such as discounts on wine orders and low shipping fees. What more could you want?