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2019 Cheapest Meal Sercive Delivery Service

We reviewed and ranked all the top cheapest meal kit on the market. Here are our top choices.

Updated: October 2019
Price per serving: $4.49-$4.99
Shipping: $8.99
8 recipes per week
Best value
Price per serving: $4.99
Shipping: $8.99
EveryPlate logo_.png
8 recipes per week
Best value
Price per serving: $6.99-$9.99
Shipping: Free
19 recipes per week
Great value
Price per serving: $7.99-$9.95
Shipping: $10 for orders less than $45
26 recipes per week
30 minutes or less recipes

Affordable Meal Kit Delivery Services

Meal kit delivery services often come with a high price tag, making it impossible for people with a low-to-average budget to take advantage of.  Thankfully, some companies have taken notice of this issue and have created affordable meal kits that individuals can enjoy every week. Even with a lower price tag, cheap meal kit services provide a combination of both affordability and quality. 


What Are The Advantages To Using An Inexpensive Meal Kit Service?


The key reason behind meal kits is to make home cooking easier in a fast-paced society. The boxes contain everything needed to make tasty meals any time of the week, all delivered right to your door. The services use only high-quality, fresh ingredients in the right amount with delicious recipes that include step-by-step ingredients for the whole process. 


Thanks to meal kit delivery service, you don’t have to spend your days looking for recipes to make or cook them. Even worst, you don’t have to eat the same food repeatedly! You can try out new dishes with the companies’ memorable meals. 


With these companies, there’s no reason to go grocery shopping as often. Think about all the times you went to cook only to realize you didn’t have all the ingredients necessary for the dish. With a meal kit, there’s no reason to fret about this. You’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. 


Besides all these benefits, there’s the benefit of saving money. While it sounds too good to be true, it’s really not. After all, you have many companies to choose from – the more companies out there, the more competition there is for your dollars.  If you like to cook and love the idea of a meal kit, then you have many companies to choose from – enticing you with high-quality ingredients, delicious meals and great prices!


What more could you ask for?


Even the least expensive meal kit services provide you with the above-mentioned benefits and more for a low, low price. All the work has been done for you, which allows you to focus on cooking delicious meals that cost less than what you’d pay at the grocery store yourself.  Smart shoppers and home cooks are rejoicing about this new way of life. 


What Is So Great About The Cheap Meal Kit Services?


What’s the biggest difference between the cheaper meal kit services and the more expensive ones? The obvious, obviously! The price, as everything else is the same! You even get more from them than you pay for. These services offer tasty meal ideas that will satisfy your taste buds whatever diet you may follow such as a vegetarian diet.


The meals include natural ingredients, fresh and high-quality.  Best of all, it’s all convenient for the price you pay.


Since pricing is a big thing for many households, these companies do what they can to provide affordable, tasty, easy-to-make recipes that fit into any budget. 


They work to find the right suppliers, pick the right packaging, shipping methods and come up with meals that will look just as good as they taste without any expensive ingredients that would boost the meals’ overall price.  They also deal with locals farmers to attain their healthy ingredients to ensure meals taste good and are healthy too.


If you want a stress-free mealtime, you need to consider investing in a cheap meal kit delivery service that lets you eat without worrying about money. Every item on their menu is cheap, delicious and easy to make. Each week, you can cook healthy, tasty meals without any huge expense to contend with.  


Really, could you ask for anything more?!


5 Tips To Finding The Right Inexpensive Meal Kit Service 




When it comes to your meal kit delivery service, you want one that is affordable – that fits into the budget of most U.S. households.  


Variety of Meal Options


Once you know what services are affordable in your price range, you can find out how many meal options they offer and what the variety is like. Be aware that the more variety a company has, the more you’ll pay for the service. You need to look at the meal kit services that provide multiple menu items to entice your taste buds for a low price. 


Of these menu options, do they offer anything that’s kid-friendly or allergen-free? Are there any meals that cater to special diets?


Portion Size, Nutritional Value


Another important aspect to consider when looking at the different cheap meal kit delivery services is to see what the meals’ portion sizes and nutritional values are. Most of them offer extremely-nutritious meals that are healthy and will fill you up.



There may be times when you don’t want the service for a week or two. Instead, you want to choose companies that let you alter the subscription – perhaps you need to skip a week or cancel altogether. You also want a service that lets you customize these orders. 


What you get from it all is a cheap meal kit delivery service with meals that taste good, are healthy, will satisfy your appetite and meet your dietary needs while also meeting your lifestyle. Sometimes cheap doesn’t mean bad quality; sometimes it’s all about meeting a need of a lower-income family.