Diet To Go Review

Score: 9.1/10
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Updated: Janurary 2021

Diet-To-Go Meal Subscription Service Makes Healthy Eating Far Easier

Diet-to-Go is rather unique in that it’s one of the first and most comprehensive meal delivery
services available for people looking to achieve their weight loss goals. For more than 25 years,
Diet to Go has offered its meal delivery service for whatever diet a person is on.

And, the best part, all of its meals are calorie-controlled and nutritionally-balanced that
professional chefs have prepared. When you use the Diet-to-Go meal subscription delivery
service, you don’t have to plan for meals any longer. There’s no need to go grocery shopping

The only thing you have to contend with is picking one of the offered award-winning menus,
tailor it so it fits your needs and tastes and the rest of it Diet-to-Go will take care of – meal
preparation, cooking and delivery.

What Plans Does Diet-to-Go Offer Customers?

Diet-to-Go has four plans for subscribers to pick from – each one offers a five-day or seven-day
menu and the option for just lunch and dinner or all three main meals (breakfast, lunch and
dinner). The plans you can choose:



  • Balance-Classic – These meals are have been vetted by dieticians to be perfectly

balanced in regards to fats, carbs, sodium and cholesterol. Every meal, which customers
are sure to enjoy, is calorie controlled. The plan can be customized to include vegetarian
or disallow seafood.

  • Balance Diabetes – The meals of this plan are created to help you maintain control over

your blood sugars, stop type 2 diabetes from becoming a problem and manage a pre-
diabetic condition. The menu addresses fats, carbs, sodium and cholesterol.

  • Keto-Carb30 – This menu of this plan is similar to the Atkins low carb diet. These meals

focus more on protein and dairy (eggs, cheese and meat) as opposed to carbs (bread,
potatoes, etc.) Under this plan, you only get 30 net carbs a day, which allows you to
quickly lose weight.

  • Vegetarian Plan – Under this plan, you get various protein sources such as beans, eggs

and soy. The meals under this plan are also calorie-controlled and well-balanced in
regards to cholesterol, carbs, fats and sodium.

Subscribers who live in the Baltimore, Los Angeles, New Jersey or Washington D.C. area, there
is the option of picking your food up from a local health club. If you’d rather have it delivered,
you can also opt for this. Other U.S. locations must subscribe to the delivery method.

What Can You Expect From Diet-to-Go?

The great thing about Diet-to-Go is that the menu includes an array of chef-designed meals that
are tailorable to your needs with options for the main meals – breakfast, lunch and supper. You
can choose from an array of cuisines such as American, Italian, European, Mexican and more.
There are also healthy weight-loss options that you can choose from too. Check out the
program’s samples by going to the menu section of the website.

When you choose to use Diet-to-Go for your meal delivery service, it’s easy to register your
account. Before you can make an account, you need to pick your from the offered plans, choose
the delivery preference, the number of meals and days you want from the service, and then

It’s also easy to manage your account and subscription online or with the app. You can use the “MyDietToGo” section
to choose your meals, change the menu plans, stop and start the plan.

Diet-to-Go takes great pride in its products, and it shows with their box. The box is lined with
insulating material on the interior and food is surrounded by numerous gel ice packs – from top
to bottom to ensure freshness. Even if you leave it outside for some time, the food is still cold
when you finally open it.

Each meal is packaged carefully and professionally, with its own black-divided food tray,
plastic-sealed and wrapped in its branded sleeve. You’ll get detailed information about the meal,
including its name, nutrition and heating instructions. Diet-to-Go is all about transparency and

Should You Try Diet-to-Go For Yourself?

Diet-to-Go is ideal for anybody who has weight loss goals they want to meet and for people who
don’t have a lot of time to cook a healthy, well-balanced meal. Diet-to-Go offers chef-made
meals that use on the best ingredients. The company is so sure of their service, it offers a 100
percent satisfaction guarantee as well as access to a health coach via email or phone.

If you’re tired of eating junk or fast food and the way it makes you feel afterward, it’s time to try
the Diet-to-Go prepared meal delivery service, fresh frozen meals delivered right to your door. With its heat and eat, calorie-controlled meals, you don’t
have to worry about meal-prepping, grocery shopping or cooking. It’s all done for you! Diet-to-
Go will help you to meet all your weight loss goals.

Do you follow a vegan diet? Are you on the Keto diet? Are you on a diabetic diet? If so, then rest assured
the meals you get from Diet-to-Go will address your particular dieting needs with perfectly-
portioned meals that you’re going to love, leave you satisfied and intent on staying with the