Dinnerly Review

Score: 9.1/10
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Updated: January 2021

Dinnerly Offers High-Quality Ingredients At Low Prices

If you’re looking for a cheap meal kit delivery service with no-fuss scrumptious dishes, then Dinnerly is the meal kit delivery service you’ve been waiting for. In the grand scheme of meal kit delivery service, it’s one of America’s most affordable meal delivery services (and new to boot).


While it may be low in price, the ingredients you get from Dinnerly are still high-quality as you see with the more expensive meal kit delivery services. It’s the way they do business that allows them to keep prices down.  How so?


  • Digital recipe cards (compared to paper ones)

  • Fewer ingredients, to be exact 6 ingredients or less

  • Simple packaging


Simply put, you spend about $10 total for two people to eat with Dinnerly’s meal kit delivery service.


Dinnerly is just right for people who like cooking meals at home but don’t want to overpay for the good things. Dinnerly is designed to make your cooking life easier with extremely delicious recipes that use only fresh, high-quality ingredients that are already pre-portioned for you… and it comes right to your door.


Dinnerly provides two subscription plans for you to pick from:


  • 2-Person Box – This box is designed to feed two people three to five times a week. $4.79-$4.99 per serving

  • Family Box – This box is designed to feed up to four people three to five times a week. $4.49-$4.99 per serving


Dinnerly’s menu, which offers both kid-friendly and vegetarian meals – changes from week to week but always offers six tasty recipes. The majority of recipes can be made under 30 minutes.




How Easy Is It To Order Your Dinnerly Box?


If you’re interested in Dinnerly’s service, you just need to visit their website and sign up for the service by hitting the sign up button. Once you’ve set up your account, you select the plan you need, where you want it delivered, how often and pay. The last thing you need to do is pick the meals you want from their weekly menu of six recipes.   If you want, you can choose your meals for the next four weeks. After you’ve chosen your meals, the box will arrive shortly afterward. The box comes in well packed, but everything together which helps the company keep prices down.


The website is very easy to use and navigate. If you need to make changes to your account and/or orders, you go to the website and make the necessary changes.  You can also look at your past orders and see future menus such as recipes, their ingredients and even the nutritional information of each meal.

The great thing about Dinnerly is that its flexibility – skip weeks that don’t work for you or pause the subscription if you need it. If you must change your portion amount, you can also do this.


Does Dinnerly Offers Quality Ingredients?

Dinnerly makes sure that all its ingredients are as fresh as they can be. How so?


  • High-quality and very fresh vegetables  

  • Grass-fed meats


Dinnerly goes out of its way to secure high-quality products for your recipes even at the lower cost.


Should You Try Dinnerly?


Dinnerly is ideal for people who want good food they can cook for themselves at home, but without the usual huge expense attached to meal kit delivery systems. It offers some simple but delicious recipes that can be made without much effort using high-quality ingredients. If you want to save money on a meal kit delivery system but still get the “expensive” taste, then Dinnerly is just what you need to invest in.

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