EveryPlate Review

Score: 9.1/10
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Updated: January 2021

EveryPlate offers one of the cheapest meal kit delivery service on the market.


If you are looking for a cheap meal kit, look no further. At $4.99 a serving. EveryPlate offers chef-inspired delicious, fresh and easy to follow meal plans everyone can enjoy. EveryPlate is able to provide low prices by keeping everything simple with fewer ingredients, and less eco-friendly packaging without compromising quality, portions, and taste.


Who can benefit from EveryPlate?


EveryPlate is perfect for singles, people who are on a tight budget, or those who want to save on food expenses. EveryPlate is a perfect affordable alternative to fast food or take out. With EveryPlate you can count on getting fresh preportioned ingredients right to your door. Will help you save time, eat healthier, and reduce waste and have dinner ready within 30 minutes.


What does EveryPlate have to offer?


EveryPlate offers 2 plans to pick from:

Dinner for 2 - This box is designed to feed two people three times a week (6 servings)

Dinner for 4 - This box is designed to feed four people three times a week (12 servings)


EveryPlate plans offer 5-6 meal options a week with one premium option. Each meal serving cost $4.99. The premium option (usually steak or seafood) cost $3 more for a total of $7.99. Although Every Plate only offers 5-6 meals a week, there is enough variety to keep meals different with a variety of meats, vegetables, and cuisines. Shipping is only $8.99.

What is the quality of ingredients and taste?


At Meal Kit Advisor, we were impressed with the quality of ingredients. The ingredients arrived fresh pack on a recyclable cardboard box and ice pack. EveryPlate states that its priority is to know its suppliers and “ensure the highest quality of all ingredients.” The freshness of the ingredients came through when we tasted the meals. The combination of fresh ingredients and chef-created recipes makes for a great tasting, well balanced, and nutritious meal that adults and children can enjoy.


How does EveryPlate program work?


EveryPlate is very simple to use. Sign up, choose the plan you wish to subscribe, make the payment, and finish by selecting your meals. The is no commitment, you can cancel any time. You also get to skip a week or edit your meals as long as you do it before the cutoff time. You can order online at www.everyplate.com, however, they currently they don’t have an app available.

Should you try EveryPlate?


EveryPlate is one of the lowest priced meal delivery kits on the market that has similar pricing to Dinnerly that everyone can enjoy. EveryPlate recipes are delicious and easy to cook. At, $4.99 per meal, we highly recommend this tasty bargain and you should give it a try.