Factor Review

Score: 9.2/10
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Updated: January 2021

Factor Offers Large Array of Meal Selections That Can Fit Into Your Dietary Preferences

Factor (Formerly Factor 75)  is a comprehensive meal delivery service that offers chef-prepared, super fresh dinner meals without the need for you to cook – all of it delivered right to your door. You just have to heat the Factor dishes you choose in an oven or microwave, which saves yourself at least 30 minutes of time that can be better spent elsewhere.


How did Factor come up with its name? It was founded on the principle that 75 percent of how you feel, look and act is based on the foods you eat. And, it’s for that reason, the company cooks their meals using only the most nutritional ingredients. This means no ingredients will contain antibiotics, hormones, preservatives and GMOs. 


Another wonderful aspect of Factor meals is that their meals are very fresh and taste amazing. The menu includes specialty dishes such as high protein, low calorie, low carb, gluten-free, keto, and paleo


What Can You Expect From Factor?


Factor has several programs to choose from based on the number of meals you want each week – four, six, eight, 12 and 18 meals. Factor fits into your weekly needs – whether you want meals for yourself or your family. The meal selection is enormous, which the company updates every week. 


New breakfast, lunch and dinner choices to choose from each and every week.


Factor allows you to customize orders and weekly meal options. Or, if you’d rather, they’ll use your previous orders as well as dietary and taste preferences to choose the selections for you.


The ingredients used in Factor dishes contain no preservatives, GMOs, antibiotics or hormones. They’re also gluten and soy free, and organic only. Fish is wild-caught, and meat has been grass-fed and pasture-raised.  The company is focused on providing foods that will improve the body and mind, offering balanced amounts of low-glycemic carbs, healthy fats and copious amounts of protein.


Every meal you receive from Factor is sure to please. Professional chefs, who work in company kitchens, are in charge of making the meals that not only taste good but are also good for you. If you’re in the process of losing weight, Factor can help you achieve your goals. 


Factor knows how to keep your food cool, using an insulated cooling material in all its boxes and packing ice on top and bottom of the food packages. Even if your package, which is made of eco-friendly material and can be recycled, remains outside for an extended period of time, the meals stay ice cold inside the box. The key is to reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into the meal containers to nearly zero, so there’s no chance for oxidation or aerobic organism growth. 


By taking care of the food in this manner, the company won’t have to use preservatives to keep food fresh. After receiving the meals, you can also freeze it if you don't have the time to eat it. You can enjoy the frozen meal by reheating it in the microwave. 


All meals come in their own container, wrapped in a branded sleeve that includes the meal’s name, nutritional information and heating instructions. Talk about extremely convenient if you’re watching what you eat. 


How To Use The Factor Service


Setting up an account for the Factor service is really easy, and can be done in four steps:


  • Provide your email and zip code.

  • Pick one of the company’s meal plans.

  • Register your account.

  • Choose your weekly meals.


When you want to make changes – be it the plan or meal selections – or if you want to pause or cancel the service, you can log into the account.


Should You Be Using Factor For Your Meal Subscription Service Needs?


  • Are you looking to lose weight

  • Do you have special dietary needs such as low-carb, keto, paleo, etc.? 

  • Are you busy and wish you could eat a healthy meal at home without having to spend your time in the kitchen?


If you answered yes to any of the following questions, then you may want to consider Factor for your prepared meal delivery service.  


Factor provides personalized nutrition consults with their meal plans that allow you to choose the right meals based on your health goals. And, if you’re following a specific diet plan, the meals are tailored to give your body all the nutrients they need. For busy individuals, there’s no reason to eat unhealthy with takeout food. Reduce the time you spend in the kitchen but still have a healthy meal. 


Factor is great for anybody and everybody. You don’t have to cook, and the meals come completely prepared and chilled. You just remove them from the refrigerator and heat it up – via oven or microwave. When you want extremely fresh, tasty meals, this is the way to go.