Firstleaf Wine Review

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Updated: April 2020

Why Firstleaf Wine Club Is A Wine Lover’s Dream Come True

If you are a wine connoisseur, you may have been searching for a reasonably-priced wine club to sign up with. It’s the kind of wine club that allows you to try both domestic and international wines for a monthly subscription. 


Firstleaf is one such wine club that gives that opportunity. 


Thanks to their partnership with both local and worldwide wineries and winemakers, Firstleaf club members get to save money while also sampling all kinds of wines from boutique and established locations. How much money can you save with Firstleaf? It’s anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. 


What You Can Expect From A FirstLeaf Wine Club Membership


There are two parts of the Firstleaf Club:


Introductory Shipment


In this shipment, you’ll be sent three personally-matched wine bottles, which the company is able to do through the short quiz you take. The provided answers provide them with information to create your tasting profile. The feedback you provide about these wines will then produce an updated taste profile for future deliveries. Firstleaf provides special introductory shipments like Big Reds, Founder’s Favorite, etc. 


Club Shipments


Once your initial delivery has been tried, and you have rated it, you’ll start to get a regular club shipment that includes six bottles based on your personal tastes. You can choose to change any selection before the box is shipped and you can set up how often you want to receive the wines – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 


The Firstleaf wine delivery service was designed for people who love wine but want a more affordable way to enjoy wine that’s not in their usual locale. The club offers wines from domestic and international regions. 


Why Should You Consider Firstleaf?


  • Broad line of wines

  • Offers an introductory shipment

  • Customized membership service 

  • Flexible membership subscription

  • Affordable membership 


How Do You Get A Personalized Experience From Firstleaf?


When you first sign up with Firstleaf, you fill out a short quiz, which enables the team to choose your introductory wine shipment (usually three bottles). You are asked to provide feedback that will be used to update your palate profile. Feedback on every shipment is used to personalize your wine choices. With every delivery, you should get closer and closer to the wines that fit your personality and tastes, which ensures a better wine club experience. 


How To Manage Your Account 


It’s easy to manage your Firstleaf account through the website. You just set up the account by answering the quiz first. You can look at recommended choices in the introductory shipment, and if you want to make changes to it, you can choose what wines you want to try. Some options to pick from include:


  • Award-Winning Wines

  • Big Reds

  • Founder’s Favorite


If you’re happy with your selection, you can check out. The first box will ship out within five days of the order. There must be someone 21 years of age or older to sign for the delivery. 


The wine experts at Firstleaf Wine Club are continually looking for developing wine trends. They choose wines that have garnered attention and awards from fairs and wine shows. The company works in conjunction with various wineries and vineyards, which ensures their wine prices are much less than you’d pay through traditional means. 


Should You Consider The Firstleaf Wine Club For Your Wine Needs? 


Firstleaf is one of the best wine clubs on the market to satisfy your desire for award-winning wines at affordable prices. When you become a member, you can try any one of the high-quality domestic and international wines. The club works with various vineyards and wineries to ensure a simple-to-order process at prices that are much less than what you’d see with retail stores and wine shops. 


If you love wine, then you need to consider trying Firstleaf.