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Green Chef Review

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Updated: January 2021

Green Chef Becomes First Certified Organic Meal Kit Delivery Service


If you’re looking to add some variety to your cooking, Green Chef is the ticket to experimenting with home-cooked recipes and dishes that bring your taste buds flavor to savor and enjoy. The company is noted as being an open-minded meal-kit delivery service, supplying ingredients and recipes for various dietary needs.  With all it has to offer in this ever-increasing industry, should you choose Green Chef for your household’s needs?











What Does Green Chef Have To Offer?


There’s a reason Green Chef has made a name for itself in the meal kit delivery service industry. The company uses only the best ingredients and recipes for customers to use. How so? Green Chef works alongside reputable fishermen, ranches and farms to send customers only the fresh highest-quality ingredients for their chosen recipes.


Green Chef is also the first USDA certified organic meal-kit delivery service, which means it can cater to a plethora of special diets including:



The recipes you can choose from Green Chef are very simple to make – you cannot mess them up even if you’re a novice chef. All you need to do is follow the recipe’s directions, using the pre-portioned ingredients to prepare you and your family’s next tasty, nutritious meal.


Green Chef offers you an array of recipes each week. Great for your diet of choice as well as portion control, lower calorie intake for maintaining or losing weight. 

If you want to order Green Chef, it offers a very 
user-friendly website and app.













What Could You Expect To Pay For Green Chef’s Service?


The price you pay for your Green Chef meal kit delivery service will be factored on the kind of diet you go with. Green Chef only offers 3 meals per week. Prices start at $11.99 per serving


Whatever plan you choose, if you go with a paleo, keto or lean & clean diet, there’s an increase in the meal price to $12.99.


The great thing about Green Chef’s flexibility is that you can manage your delivery and change between diets plans and servings each week.











What Should You Keep In Mind About Green Chef?


If you’re on a restricted diet – be it from yourself or a doctor – then Green Chef may be just what you need. Green Chef has an array of dietary-focused plans to choose from which is great for weight loss; using only the best ingredients for all your recipes. And, if you’re worried about the price per meal, rest assured that Green Chef offers extremely affordable, highly-competitive prices that make it one to remember in the meal kit delivery service.  

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