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HelloFresh Review

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Updated: January 2021

What Should You Know About HelloFresh?

Society is always on the move, and it’s not always for people to get home and cook a good meal. This is where meal kit delivery services have risen in popularity, and one such service is Hello Fresh! HelloFresh has become a big name in this U.S. market and is only going to get bigger thanks to all its offerings including a wine club.


The company prides itself in offering healthy meal kits using some organic and fresh ingredients in their tasty recipes. A large part of their following comes from the fact that they have very easy home-cooking solutions as well as easy-to-understand recipes that have all been pre-measured and pre-portioned to ensure customer convenience.











What Kinds Of Meals Plans Does HelloFresh Offer?


There are three meal plans for HelloFresh subscribers to choose from:


  • Classic Meal Plan – Designed for up to four people with four dishes a week

  • Family Meal Plan – Designed for four people with your choice of three dishes each week

  • Vegetarian Meal Plan – Designed specifically for vegetarians and can feed up to four people and comes with three recipes a week


HelloFresh gives subscribers great flexibility, allowing you to change your meal plans and browsing the stated weekly recipes.


HelloFresh offers 3 recipes for the vegetarian plan, 6 recipes for the family plan and 15 recipes for the classic plan. It’s a lot of variety for you to choose from, but if you choose the veggie plan, you don’t have near as much flexibility as the other plans. This isn’t that big of a deal though… you can just change your plan the following week.











What Are HelloFresh Prices Like?


HelloFresh offers very reasonable prices, which make it a great choice among many other meal kit delivery brands out there. Shipping is a fixed $5.99 with your first shipment being free.


  • Classic Plan - $7.49 - $9.99 per servings for 2-4 people, 2-4 recipes per week

  • Family Plan - $7.87 - $7.49 per serving for 4 people, 2-3 recipes per week

  • Veggie Plan - $6.99 - $8.99 per serving for 2-4 people, 3 recipes per week




How Do You Use The HelloFresh Meal Kit Delivery Service?


To get started with HelloFresh, you just need to sign up via the mobile app or website. Once you get registered, choose your preferred meal plan and the dishes listed for the week. If you’re on the Veggie meal plan, you don’t have your choices of dishes like you do with the Family or Classic plans.


If you need or want to miss a week, you can make the notation easily within the app or website.












Hello Fresh Uses The Freshest Of Ingredients


If you use HelloFresh for your meal kit delivery service, you’re going to find that the company uses only the freshest ingredients it can get its hands on. Delivered in a sealed box, it’s one of the biggest reasons people choose it over other potential services. All vegetables are farm fresh and local, and all meats have no hormones.  What else can you expect from HelloFresh?


  • You get step-by-step recipes

  • User-friendly website and app

  • Flexible schedule and meals for the super busy people

  • Dish diversity; great for people who have an allergy or a distaste for something

  • Recycled material is used for packaging

  • Pre-measured ingredients


Should You Try Hello Fresh?

HelloFresh has easy-to-make classic dinner that will have you wondering why you never signed up for the service before. With three meal plans to choose from and the flexibility to change it whenever you want, HelloFresh, with its organic and fresh ingredients, will have you ordering every week.