Hello Fresh Vs. Freshly

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Updated: August 2020

$7.49- $9.99 per serving for classic menu​

$7.49- $7.89 per serving for family menu

$6.99-$8.99 per serving for Veggie plan

$8.99 - $12.50 per serving




Minimum Order:

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

4 Meals

Recipes Per Week:

12 for clasic menu, 3 vegetarian, 4 family

30 recipes per week

Menu Choices:

3 menu

1 menu

Adds Ons:

Diets Choices:

Quality of Ingredients:

Breafast, wine subcription

Vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free

Sourced "with nothing but love"


Ketogenic, paleo, dairy free, low carb

"Every meal is free of gluten, soy, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. All meats are pasture-raised and grass fed and our produce is organic"

Flexible Plans:





Cook Time:

20-45 minutes

Cooking Difficulty:

Easy - medium


3-5 Minutes to reheat

Not required

Hello Fresh and Freshly: What Can You Expect From These Meal Kit Delivery Services


There are so many meal kit delivery services for you to pick from – so many that the task of choosing one can become daunting. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the numerous meal kit companies offering this useful service. Instead, consider the ones that best meet your needs. Perhaps, Hello Fresh or Freshly can meet those needs. 


Freshly is one of the newest meal kit delivery services on the market that specializes in bringing non-frozen, prepared gluten-free dishes to your home. Hello Fresh is one of the more established companies in the market. Despite being meal kit delivery services, these companies have some significant differences that may make it a little harder to choose which one would be best. 


What Does Hello Fresh Have To Offer?


Hello Fresh, which offers its services to most places in the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska, has three meal plans for customers to choose from:


  • Classic Plan – Ideal for two to four people with up to four meals a week

  • Family Plan – Ideal for four people with up to three meals a week

  • Veggie Plan – Ideal for up to four people with three meals a week


Each week, Hello Fresh’s menu changes, so you’ll never become bored with what they have. 


The menu is extremely diverse with dishes that culminate in various cooking styles, ingredients and flavors. Hello Fresh has 16 recipes it offers every week, divided between the plans (sometimes they overlap). 16 recipes are offered in the Classic plan, six in the Family Plan and three for the Veggie Plan. 


Hello Fresh is more intent on bringing customers tasty options with a plethora of vegetables to boot. Their meals are usually classics with a twist with every dish using an unexpected flavor combination or ingredient. The company was designed with the whole family in mind, including picky eaters. 


Hello Fresh is a company that wants to make sure its customers get more plant-based foods in their diet. While the company aims to give you more fruits and vegetables, they may not be of organic sources. Their ingredients have come from domestically sourced locations with pork being free of both antibiotics and hormones.


What Does Freshly Have To Offer?


Freshly will deliver to most places in the lower 48 states (no Hawaii and Alaska). But, to be sure you can use this service, you need to type in your zip code to see if you qualify. The goal is to get you your box within 48 hours of shipment.


Freshly provides four plans to choose from, which are based on the total number of meals you want each week. You have the option of a four, six, nine or 12 single serving dishes every week with rotating menus, so you never become bored. 


When it comes to the Freshly menu, you get a wide array of choices of cooking styles, flavors and ingredients. There are over 30 meals offered every week on the Freshly menu, including offerings for breakfast and entrée. 


Freshly is more about saving you time. It’s a completely-prepared meal kit service, which means you just open and heat. Be aware that this may affect the quality of some dishes from time to time. 


Freshly is proud to be a leader in gluten-free meals, which means all their meals are free of gluten. Since this is so important to them, their ingredients are completely natural and contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils or refined sugars. 


What You Can Expect From Both Companies 


Ordering from Freshly or Hello Fresh is easy, as both have a user-friendly website (with Hello Fresh also offering an app that customers can use). Set up your account, manage it, make changes when you need to, choose menu options, etc. – all from the website. If you need to skip a week every now and then, or you need to cancel it altogether, both companies will let you do so right from their website. 


Now, when you get your box, you’ll notice that it comes marked, so you know what you’re getting. The boxes will have plenty of ice to ensure your cold food stays cold during the shipping process. Both of these boxes can be quickly sorted and put away until you are ready to prepare the dishes. 


Which One Should You Consider?


Both Hello Fresh and Freshly offers customers a unique, dining-in experience that is very convenient for busy households. However, Hello Fresh tends to do better than Freshly for the very fact that meals need to be cooked, which provides a more unique experience that is tantalizing to the taste buds. Though both companies have meals that are full of flavor and use fresh ingredients, the frozen meal experience with Freshly just may not be what you want from a meal kit delivery service.