Hello Fresh Vs. Green Chef

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Updated: August 2020
Our Pick

$7.49- $9.99 per serving for classic menu​

$7.49- $7.89 per serving for family menu

$6.99-$8.99 per serving for Veggie plan

$11.99 for heart smart, omnivore, vegan, mediterranean

vegetarian, gluten-free, pescatarian menu

$12.99 for keto, paleo, and lean & clean menu



$6.99 - $13.98

Minimum Order:

2 people, 3 recipes per week (6 Meals)

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

Recipes Per Week:

Menu Choices:

12 for clasic menu, 3 vegetarian, 4 family

3 menu

3-6 choices per diet preference

10 menu

Adds Ons:

Diets Choices:

Breafast, wine subcription

Vegetarian, nut-free, dairy-free

Quality of Ingredients:

Sourced "with nothing but love"

Flexible Plans:




Cook Time:

20-45 minutes

Cooking Difficulty:

Easy - medium


Omnivore, vegan, gluten-free, vegerarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo

USDA Certified Organic



20-35 minutes for dinner

Easy - Medium

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green chef ingredients.jpg
Green Chef Pasta Pomodoro with Steak.jpg
green chef shrimp mojito.jpg

Green Chef or Hello Fresh: Both Companies Have A Lot To Offer In Meal Kit Delivery Industry


 There are so many meal kit delivery service companies on the market, which is what makes it hard to choose which company is best for your household. The market is definitely changing each and every day, with more and more companies getting involved in it. It’s getting harder and harder to choose a company. Two such companies that you’ll need to choose from include Green Chef and Hello Fresh.


What makes these worthwhile contenders in an already saturated market?


A Detailed Look At Green Chef


For those considering Green Chef, here are a few bits of information to help you decide if this is the right meal kit delivery service for you. One of the first things for you to know is the plans you can choose from:


  • Two-Person Plan – Offers three meals a week for a total of six servings. You have your choice of dieting plans as well – vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, omnivore and gluten-free. 

  • Four-Person Plan – Offers two meals a week for a total of eight servings with a choice between either the carnivore or omnivore menu. 


Now, Green Chef lets you choose from seven weekly menus to meet any lifestyle such as omnivore, carnivore, keto, vegan, paleo, gluten-free and vegetarian. When you set up your subscription, you must choose one plan from these choices, which then lets you choose the three meals you want every week. 


The meals are incredibly diverse with meat offerings that include beef, pork, chicken, fish and others. Green Chef is all about using the freshest ingredients possible that are also healthy for you. The company uses organic foods whenever possible for its specialty diets. However, they want to use them in a way that makes it easy for people to create these meals. 


 The company, which has been designated as a USDA-certified organic company, uses ingredients from only reputable farmers, ranchers, artisans and fishermen. 


Best of all, most of Green Chef dishes can be made in just 30 minutes – great for people with a busy lifestyle.




A Detailed Look At Hello Fresh 


Hello Fresh has three meal plans that you can choose from:


  • Classic Plan – up to four dishes a week for two or four people

  • Family Plan – up to three meals a week for four people

  • Veggie Plan – three meals a week for either two or four people 


What makes Hello Fresh such a top contender in the industry is that it lets you choose from 15 recipes, divided into the three plans. For the Classic Plan, that’s eight meals. For the Family Plan, that’s four meals. For the Veggie Plan, that’s three meals. Hello Fresh lets you choose from any meat available – beef, chicken, fish, pork, etc. 


Hello Fresh wants to make it easy for its customers to prepare healthy dishes, which is why they stick to the classics that bring on a feeling of comfort but give them an added twist at the same time. Hello Fresh recipes are easy to prepare; nothing intimidating or difficult to understand. 


Hello Fresh will use produce that is either organic or non-organic, but their key focus is providing customers with more vegetables and fruits. Their meats are domestically-sourced, and all chicken and pork are free of hormones. All seafood is sustainably-sourced. 


What You Can Expect From Both Companies In Terms of Packaging and Account Management 


When you get both from either company, the company makes sure to deliver in a perfectly-labeled box that has been properly packaged. Both companies will pack ice around the foods that need refrigeration. 


Hello Fresh will sort, label and package each kit ingredient in individual bags. This means you don’t have to do much sorting for yourself – just unpack and put away until you’re ready to cook. With Green Chef, you do get labeled ingredients but will need to sort them out before putting them away. 


Green Chef does not offer an app with its services, but its website has been optimized for mobile devices, which means you can use your smartphone to do what you need through the website such as:


  • Setting up an account

  • Choosing your plan

  • Change your payment method

  • Canceling the account


Hello Fresh does offer a user-friendly website and app – either one can do what you need for your account. 


Since these companies are subscription-based, you get some flexibility with their services. For instance, you can skip weeks if you need to without a penalty. Want to cancel? You can do that too, without a problem!


What To Keep In Mind For Your Choice


Both Green Chef and Hello Fresh have some real promise to them as a meal kit delivery service, offering healthy meals that taste great. However, if you must choose between the two, consider Hello Fresh. This meal kit service offers classic dishes that are sure to be a delight to any household member with or without a love of cooking. At an affordable price and packaged so organized that it’s easy to unpack, sort and put away, one has would wonder why choose anything else.