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Home Chef Review

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Updated: January 2021

Is Home Chef Worth It?

Home Chef, which began in June 2013 in Chicago, started on the idea of helping individuals and families who don’t have time to purchase ingredients and make their own meals. The man behind the concept, Pat Vihtelic, came up with easy-to-cook, delicious meals that would ensure less food is wasted and time is spent on quality meals.


There’s no doubting the popularity of Home Chef with the number of positive meal kit delivery reviews ratings there are. It’s obvious that many people agree that Home Chef is one of the best options for meal kit delivery plans for busy singles, couples, and families. The company caters to 97% of the US population making easy for you to save time, waste less food, and eat healthily.


What Kinds Of Meal Plans Does Home Chef Have To Offer?


When you compare Home Chef to other meal kit delivery companies, it’s got a huge advantage – its meal plans.  Customers can choose from the highly flexible meal plans the company has to offer with meal plans for two, four or six people. There is a minimum of two meals per week with no maximum limits.


Meal Variety


Home Chef allows you to plan for five weeks’ worth of meals. It has 23 dinner options for every week (with an offering of three vegetarian meals, and a few low-carb and low-calorie options). There are three lunch options for those who don’t want to cook lunch. While Home Chef offers classic meals, the company is well-known for trying new flavors that ensure cooking is more fun and worth eating.

What’s Home Chef Prices Like?


Another advantage Home Chef has to its competitor/s is the reasonable rates, with some meals priced at $7.99 a meal for “no-cooking” lunch options (salad, sandwiches and grain bowls), $9.95 a meal for standard dinner, and market price for their premium options. You can also add smoothies and fruit baskets for only $4.95 a serving. An order of $45 or more comes with free shipping; anything less and the shipping is $10. It’s important to note that Home Chef’s prices are much better than other meal kit delivery companies.




How Does The Home Chef Program Work?


If you’re interested in Home Chef, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to get started. You just sign up through its website or on the mobile app. To find meals you’d be interested in trying, Home Chef asks a series of questions and uses those answers to make recommendations including the meats, and vegetables you may like, and what ingredients to avoid for those who have allergies.


You’re not limited to just those recommended choices. You can ignore them altogether and pick from its menu. You have 12 recipes to choose from (these change from week to week). You can customize meals to make it more fun for you.


Once you decide on your meals (based on your preference), you need to set up your schedule. This means


  • Making meal adjustments

  • Changing delivery dates

  • Make the required changes

  • Pause or skip your account when necessary


Meal are delivered each week, but you choose the day you want meals to be provided to you.


What Is The Quality Of Home Chef's Ingredients Like?


When it comes to ingredient quality, the packaging is important here. People get excited by organized and labeled packages. However, packaging only goes so far. You also need the ingredients to tantalize the taste buds. When fresh high-quality ingredients are used, it gives off the impression that they came right from the farm to your home.   Home Chef is all about giving this impression, which is why it only uses the best ingredients in its meals.


Home Chef’s Mobile App and Website


Home Chef’s app and website is user-friendly and can be navigated fairly easily. If changes are necessary for your meals, schedule or payment method, you can do so through the app. Home Chef wants to avoid the confusion that often happens between websites and apps. You can use either one to make the changes you need without any issues at all!

Should You Try Home Chef?

Home Chef uses the freshest ingredients for its easy-to-make meals, and the taste is second to none. Home Chef makes it easy for you to order it's vast variety of recipes per week at a reasonable price. Great for singles and families. Do you need another reason for using Home Chef?

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