Home Chef Vs. Every Plate

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Updated: April 2020
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Our Pick



$9.95 per serving

$7.99 for lunch

$4.95 for smoothies and fruits

$4.99 per serving

$10 for orders less than $45


Minimum Order:

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

2 people, 3 recipes per week (6 meals)

Recipes Per Week:

23 dinner, 3 lunches

8 recipes per week

Menu Choices:

Adds Ons:

1 menu

Smothies and fruit baskets

1 menu


Diets Choices:

Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, pork-free, shellfish-free, vegetarian, low carb, low calorie

Quality of Ingredients:

High quality "responsible source as often as possible"

Flexible Plans:


Yes plans


No diet or allergy specific 

"When we choose our suppliers, our first priority is to get to know them and ensure the highest quality of all ingredients."



Cook Time:

30 minutes for dinner

5-10 minutes for lunch

Cooking Difficulty:


20-30 minutes


Home chef Ingredients.jpg

Can EveryPlate Compete With Home Chef For A Meal Kit Delivery Service 


If you have just learned about meal kit delivery services, then you know how confusing it can be. There are so many companies offering this service; it has grown exponentially in just a matter of years. And, each one offers its own kind of menu and specials. Therefore, how does one choose which kit to go with?


When it comes to these companies, it’s essential to look at the companies that will best meet your needs and goals. You should look at their ingredients quality, the kind of dishes being offered, the taste of these dishes and the price. While cheaper sounds good, it doesn’t always mean the best in quality and test. For instance, you have the option of EveryPlate and Home Chef meal kit delivery services to choose from. 


What’s the difference between these two? First off, you have to understand that Home Chef is a company that is all about offering great classic meals to your family. EveryPlate, however, wants to keep prices low – digital recipe cards, fewer ingredients and less packaging. Both companies are ideal for any home, but companies cater to different audiences. What should you know about them?


What Does Home Chef Have To Offer Customers?


Home Chef’s most significant appeal is the flexible subscription service with a single basic plan that is adjustable to your needs. You have no maximum order amount, but do have a two-dish a week minimum. Meals are designed for up to six people. 


Home Chef has come up with 11 weekly dishes for customers to choose from. These dishes will come from various influences such as Asia, Mexico, Italy and America. The company is well-known for offering classic dishes with a twist. You can easily make these meals without the intimidation that often comes with fine dining cooking. 



The ingredients that are included in your Home Chef meal kits are always of the highest quality and come from reliable sources that care about sustainability and responsible farming practices. As a Home Chef customer, you will always receive tasty ingredients that are good for you and taste great.


 What Does Every Plate Have To Offer Customers?


EveryPlate, on the other hand, has two plans. In the first plan, it’s a two-person box for two people. The second plan is called the family box, which can provide food for up to four people. No matter what plan you choose, you get three dishes a week. 


 EveryPlate offers a five-dish a week menu, with an option to upgrade the meal for $3 a person. Add steak or seafood to your meals to get the premium experience. EveryPlate has a desire to help customers increase their consumption of vegetables, which is why many of its offered dishes have seasonal produce in them. 


The meals are easy to prepare, which means you don’t have to feel intimidated when cooking them. Although their foods are simple, they still give a feel of fine dining to them. EveryPlate is regarded for its easy-to-make menu that includes basic meals with very few ingredients. The idea is to have a simple menu, so customers don’t get sticker shock at checkout. 


Since EveryPlate has low prices, people might expect that the dishes would be cheap and tasteless. However, their ingredient quality isn’t compromised by their low prices. Instead, the company doesn’t use as much packaging and uses fewer ingredients in their dishes. 


What To Expect From Both Companies In Terms of Delivery and Account Management


When it comes to both EveryPlate and Home Chef, ingredients come delivered in a specially-created box with plenty of ice to keep meats and vegetables cool during the shipping process.


With Home Chef, the company ensures the ingredients have been sorted, packed and labeled for which dish they go with. It’s easy to unpack and put away the ingredients until you need them. For EveryPlate, you’ll need to do the sorting. The company, to keep prices low, will not sort or package ingredients separately. 


The great thing about either company is how easy it is to manage your account. Both companies have developed a user-friendly site (with Home Chef offering an app as well). You can do everything from the online account, such as registering your account, choosing meals and even canceling it if you decide you no longer want the service. 

With their plan terms, both EveryPlate and Home Chef will allow you to skip weeks when you want and cancel with no penalties. That’s the beauty of subscription-based meal kit delivery services. 


What’s The Final Verdict?


Both EveryPlate and Home Chef have meals that you are sure to enjoy no matter what your tastes are. When it comes to services and meals, Home Chef tends to be the winner over EveryPlate (although EveryPlate prices are something some consider). 


Home Chef offers a plethora of dishes for its customers to choose from, unlike EveryPlate’s fair amount. Although the ingredients are both fresh and high-quality, Home Chef gives you more of it to ensure a fine dining at home experience. Again, the price may put some off, but the money you spend on the quality and ingredient amount is well worth it in the long run. 

Home Chef Garlic and Lemon-Crusted Salmo