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Home Chef Vs. Martha & Marley Spoon

Meal Kit Comparison 



Minimum Order:

home chef logo 1.png
Our Pick

$9.95 per serving

$7.99 for lunch

$4.95 for smoothies and fruits

$10 for orders less than $45

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

Updated: August 2020
Marta and Marley logo.jpg

$9.61 - $12.49  per serving for 2 person plan​

$7.55 - $9.61 per serving for family menu


2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

Recipes Per Week:

Menu Choices:

Adds Ons:

Diets Choices:

Quality of Ingredients:

Flexible Plans:


Cook Time:

Cooking Difficulty:

23 dinner, 3 lunches

1 menu

Smothies and fruit baskets

Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, pork-free, shellfish-free, vegetarian

High quality "responsible source as often as possible"



30 minutes for dinner

5-10 minutes for lunch

Easy - medium 

20 recipes per week

1 menu


Vegetarian, vegan, low-calorie, gluten-free, dairy free 

Grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free chicken, and sourced from local producers



20-30 minutes

Easy - medium

Home Chef or Martha & Marley Spoon: Is One Really Better Than The Other 

If easy meal preparation is what you’ve been searching for, then you may want the services of a meal kit delivery service. This kind of service takes out the task of choosing your weekly meals, grocery shopping, meal prepping and cooking. Today, with these services, you can cook a home-cooked meal easily and effortlessly without the need for any tedious tasks. 


The problem people may have, though, is choosing a meal kit delivery service to go with. After all, the industry is filled with many of them, and each one offers specialties and services that differ from one another. How do you know which one is best for you?


Here’s a look at Home Chef and Martha & Marley Spoon. Both companies are equally outstanding but offer things that are unique to one another. 


An In-Depth Look At Home Chef


What makes Home Chef different from Martha is the offering of an array of classic and popular dishes that have been given a twist to make them unique.   Now, Home Chef offers its customers amazing flexibility with plans that accommodate up to six people. The minimum purchase is two dishes a week, but there is no limit on how many dishes you can get per week. 


Home Chef has 12 recipes it offers every week with three five-minute, no-cooking options to choose from as well for lunch. The company provides these lunch meals – sandwiches, bowls and salads for a price of $7.99 a serving with an option for a seasonal fruit basket and smoothie for $4.95 apiece. 


No matter the number of people in your plan, the recipes you choose won’t differ. 


Home Chef makes sure to offer meals for all kinds of diet from low-calorie, dairy-free, low-carb, vegetarian, etc. They also offer child-friendly dishes for your little picky eaters.  When it comes to dish complexity, Home Chef is all about the classics with a twist and 30-minute or less, easy-to-make recipes. Many of Home Chef’s recipes offer more vegetables and greens. Home Chef makes sure to use only the best ingredients for its products, collaborating with companies such as Paysan Breton, Sea to Table and World Wide Farms for their recipes. 


An In-Depth Look At Martha & Marley Spoon

With Martha & Marley Spoon, you’re getting a meal kit delivery service that was developed by Martha Stewart, the queen of American cooking.  The company provides two kinds of very flexible plans:


  • Two-Person Plan – up to four meals a week

  • Three-to-Four Family Plan – up to four meal a week


You do, however, get to pick from the 20 different classic recipes – each of them taken from Martha’s 18,000 favorite recipes. 


Like Home Chef, Martha offers dishes that cater to special dietary needs – from low-carb to low-calorie to dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and more.  With so many options to choose from, the hard part will be deciding which one to have that week.


The service does have an add-on option with its choice of two-fiesta boxes, which is a kit that contains an appetizer, entrée and dessert for up to eight people. 


Martha & Marley Spoon is also about providing high-quality ingredients for its classic dishes that can be made in 30 minutes or less using easy-to-follow instructions.  The company uses high-quality ingredients for its recipes, such as American-caught shrimp, Berkshire pork, etc.

What You Can Expect From Both Companies


The Box


Home Chef and Martha send their meal kits in a specially designed package that’s clearly labeled for you to see. There is some sorting required with the contents of the box, but every dish has been individually wrapped for easy sorting. Home Chef stocks its box with plenty of ice.  Martha’s box puts its cooled ingredients in a cooling pouch comprised of raw, undyed cotton with a lot of ice. 


They have been packed in a way that ensures packages can be left outside without the risk of spoiled food when you finally get it inside. 


Website and App


Home Chef and Martha have created a user-friendly website and app, so you can easily create an account and manage it as you see fit. Before you can choose from the weekly menu, you need to create an account, then pick from your plan and recipes. Here, you’ll need to define what your eating preferences are, how you’ll pay for your service and when you want the box to be delivered.  


Both options also let you learn more about the dish you are getting, such as the cooking process and times, nutritional information, etc. 


These are ongoing subscription services, and you do have the option of skipping weeks or canceling if you no longer want the service. Best of all, there are no cancellation fees. They offer great flexibility, which makes them top contenders in the meal kit delivery service. 


What To Keep In Mind


It’s true that both of these companies – Home Chef and Martha and Marley Spoon – provide its customers with amazing classic recipes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds. If your goal is to upgrade your cooking experience without the hassle that comes with meal planning, shopping and prepping, then either one of these companies will do you just fine.


You can always try one for a month and the other another month to see which one fits into your lifestyle better and which one is the better overall. Or, you can do both at the same time, skipping one service one week and going with the other for that week.  With some flexible terms, it’s almost too good of an idea to pass up. The choice is yours!

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Home Chef Recipe Turkey And Guacamole To
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