Home Chef Vs. Sun Basket

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Updated: April 2020
Our Pick



Minimum Order:

Recipes Per Week:

$9.95 per serving

$7.99 for lunch

$4.95 for smoothies and fruits

$10 for orders less than $45

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

23 dinner, 3 lunches

$11.99 per serving for classic menu

$10.99 per serving for family menu


2 people, 3 recipes per week (6 meals)

18 for classic, 6 for family

Menu Choices:

Adds Ons:

Diets Choices:

1 menu

Smothies and fruit baskets

Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, pork-free, shellfish-free, vegetarian

2 menu

Salad, snacks, and sauces

Low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, mediterenean,diebetic, pescaterian

Quality of Ingredients:

High quality "responsible source as often as possible"

"99% organic"

Flexible Plans:




Cook Time:

30 minutes for dinner

5-10 minutes for lunch

Cooking Difficulty:

Easy - medium 



30 minutes for dinner

Easy - medium

Sun Basket: Vs. Home Chef: Which Meal Delivery Service Is Right For Your Household

There are plenty of meal kit delivery companies on the market, making it really hard to choose between them. All of them have their pros and their cons, and the one you decide to do business with needs to be one that will fit into your lifestyle and your budget.  Two companies for consideration are Sun Basket and Home Chef, which both promise to make it easier to cook healthy, diverse meals. 


What are the differences between Sun Basket and Home Chef? Meal Kit Advisor will help you decide which meal kit is better than the other? That really does depend on what you’re looking for from the service. Check out what both companies have to offer their customers.


A Look At Sun Basket: What Can You Expect From This Service


Sun Basket offers two plans for customers to choose from – Classic Menu with up to three dishes a week for two or four people or Family menu, which offers up to four dishes a week for four people. They include an array of dietary plans from gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo and lean & clean. Should you follow any special diet, then Sun Basket may be the one you want. Sun Basket provides signature sauces for $4.99 each week. 


Dish variety is a big thing for households. After all, it gets tiring having the same thing over and over. Sun Basket offers 18 meals every week on the Classic Menu with dishes that meals that cater to those special diets. Mix and match how you feel you need. One of the biggest reasons people opt for the Sun Basket meal delivery service. 


Now, just how complex are the meals – how difficult are they to make. Sun Basket is all about giving customers healthy food such as vegetables, greens, whole rice, gluten-free pasta, etc. 


When it comes to product quality, both Sun Basket and Home Chef offer high-quality products for their customers. For Sun Basket’s efforts, they offer to only use sustainably-sourced and organic ingredients – something that makes them stand out above the rest. 


A Look At Home Chef: What Can You Expect From This Service


As for Home Chef, it’s even more flexible with its deliveries than Sun Basket with offerings for up to six people with a minimum of two dishes a week (no maximum limits are applied).

There are 12 dishes to choose from a week with a five-minute or less, no-cooking needed lunch options too. No matter how many people your subscription is allotted for, you can choose from everything.


Home Chef is all about offering high-quality family meals with some twist on them. Most recipes are well-known and don’t need advanced degrees to make them.  What does it mean by family recipes? It means anyone – young and old – will enjoy the dishes delivered to your home.

In addition, Home Chef provides three daily useful add-ons to choose from, such as salads, bowls and sandwiches for $7.99 apiece. You can also choose their smoothies and seasonal fruit basket for $4.95 apiece. 


What Both Companies Offer For Packaging, App or Website and Plan Terms 


Sun Basket and Home Chef have come up with a specifically designed carton box (each with its label) for deliveries. Both of them keep the ingredients of each dish in individual bags, which are also labeled.  You don’t have to do any sorting of any kind. Cooled proteins are placed at the bottom with a plethora of ice, so you don’t need to worry about food spoilage if it stays outside for a time after delivery. 


Both of them have an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing website and app where you can create an account, choose your meals and make changes when needed. You can also change what you’d like to eat and what payment method you want to use, among many other things.


Both companies are subscription-based, with the ability to skip a week when needed. They do give some flexibility in when the box is delivered. And, if you choose to cancel your account for any reason, both of them let you do so via their customer support, online or the app. 

Which meal kit delivery service is better?


It certainly goes without saying that Sun Basket and Home Chef are well-known in the home delivery service industry, but their base certainly differs. If you’re all about healthy food from organic sources and are following a special diet, then Sun Basket is the right service for you. If you’re all about the classics (meaning meals) that taste great and remind you of times growing up, then you certainly want to go with Home Chef. 

Sun Basket Ingredients.jpg
Home chef Ingredients.jpg
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sun basket khoresh bademjan eggplant ste
Home Chef Recipe Turkey And Guacamole To
Home chef Recipe Chicken with Poblano Cr