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Martha and Marley Spoon Review

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Updated: January 2021

Marley Spoon Offers Professionally-Crafted, Tasty Recipes and Free Shipping

If you’ve ever seen Martha Stewart cook, you know how great she is. She can create a work of art out of any food, and if you like the idea of making something like she does, then it’s time for you to try out the Marley Spoon subscription service. Marley Spoon has come together with Martha Stewart to create a meal kit that you won’t soon forget.


Thanks to the Marley Spoon subscription service, you can make delicious dinners easily thanks to pre-measured ingredients and amazing recipes. It doesn’t matter if you want to boil, broil, grill or something, you’re going to make meals you never thought was possible before.  With the help of this subscription service, you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time.

Why Choose Marley Spoon?


If flexibility is something you desire out of a meal kit subscription service, Marley Spoon certainly provides it. Just how flexible is the service?


  • You can choose from an array of meals from its weekly menu, chose how many meals you want to get and the number of people you will serve for every meal. There are 20 meals offered each week, and you’re allowed to choose up to four meals either for two people or a family of four.  

  • If you decide you want another meal, you can make the changes by going into your account.

  • If you need a two-person kit one week and then a four-people kit the next week, you can make this change without any hesitation.  

  • If there’s a week you don’t need the service, you can skip the delivery.

  • Since, you are not bound to a contract, which means you can end your subscription at any time.


It’s so easy to order from Marley Spoon, customizing the subscription, so you’re happy at all times with it.


How Is Marley Spoon Different From Other Meal Kit Subscription Services?


The biggest difference between Marley Spoon and other meal kit subscription services is the fact that Martha Stewart has teamed up with the company. Most people know how talented Martha Stewart is in the kitchen. She’s got a real love for food, creating works of art.  She’s made it so you can make high-quality meals quickly in six easy steps at home that looks like you hired a professional to make it for you.


Martha and Marley Spoon has calculated that you spend less with its services. How so? You get high-quality ingredients for less than what you’d purchase at a grocery store. You also don’t pay any shipping costs. You get carefully developed recipes that let you perfect your own cooking skills and explore new tastes and concepts.


Marley Spoon abides by the “farm-to-table” method for its ingredients. What does this mean? The company personally works with farmers to bring you high-quality produce and meat, which means you get the freshest ingredients for all your meals. Since the meal kit measures everything for you ahead of time, there’s no chance of wasting food, and you’ll still be left satisfied. You take only the food you need, so you don’t throw any of it away.


Another way that makes Marley Spoon different is that it’s working to reduce its own and you’re your carbon footprint. It uses recyclable packaging and provides you with tips on how to recycle all parts of its delivered product – from paper bags, boxes, ice packs, and plastic bags. Save the planet while you cook and eat better.  


Another unique aspect of this service is that it knows customers make it successful. It wants to ensure everybody can subscribe to a meal kit service, which is why it recently unveiled its new meal kit service Dinnerly – a cost-effective way to enjoy high-quality meals at home.  With Dinnerly, you can choose meals from both services. You can’t get that kind of service from other meal kit companies.


A Look At Marley Spoon Meals and Recipes

Remember, Marley Spoon has two meal kit sizes – two person or three/four-person meals. If you get the two-person meal kit, you can feed two adults easily and the three/four-person meal kit, you can feed two adults and two children or three adults who have hearty appetites.  Marley Spoon offers kid-friendly recipes, and are still mindful of the portion sizes.


The Marley Spoon menu isn’t divided into categories based on dietary preferences or needs, but the tags let you find what you want quickly and effortlessly.  Again, you choose from 20 meals a week that include dinners under 30 minutes and one-pot recipes. You have the choice for low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free and dairy-free meals. If you want vegetarian options, they got that too.


The company knows customers know what’s best. If you have a recipe you really like it, rate it through the website or app to increase the chances of it coming back to the menu as a favorite.


Marley Spoon provides upcoming menus up to a month ahead of time for you to view. This is great for two reasons:


If there are no meals you are interested in, you have time to skip the week.

You pre-plan your meals and want some time to choose your meals.


It’s also important to look at the recipes. They are very simple, completed in six steps, even if it seems to be complex. When you order, you get information on what’s needed to prepare your dish – ingredients, and tools. The information will also be provided in the delivery. Each recipe will also come with the following information:


  • Nutritional facts such as calories, fat, carbs, protein, sodium, etc.

  • Potential allergens


What Could You Expect To Pay For The Marley Spoon Service?


So, what does it cost to get everything noted above? This will depend on two things – the plan and number of meals chosen. For example:


  • Two-person plan for two meals a week will cost you $49.99 a week ($12.49 per serving)

  • Two-person plan for three meals a week is $62.93 ($10.48 per serving)

  • Two person plan for four meals a week is $76.91 ($9.61 per serving)

  • Three/Four-person plan for two meals a week is $76.91 (9.61 per serving)

  • Three/Four-person plan for three meals a week is $98.87 a week ($8.24 per serving)

  • Three/Four person plan for four meals a week is $120.83 a week ($7.55 per serving)


When you look at the breakdown in cost per serving, you save more as you order more. Shipping is $8.99. 


Should You Be Using The Marley Spoon Meal Kit Subscription Service?


The only drawback to the Marley Spoon subscription service is that it’s not available in all areas of the U.S. Other than that, it has an array of unique qualities that make it one of the best companies to choose for your next meal. With the help of food guru Martha Stewart, you get delicious meals to suit your family’s palate while meeting your dietary preferences and needs.


Best of all, there is no contract with the service. If you need to skip a week or have to cancel for any reason, you can easily do so by accessing your account. With affordable prices, free shipping, high-quality ingredients, great recipes, and flexibility, there’s no real reason you shouldn’t subscribing to Marley Spoon today.​


Is Marley Spoon the meal kit delivery service you’ve been looking for?