Naked Wines Club Review

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Updated: May 2020

Naked Wines Is Not Your Usual Wine Club Service 

Naked Wines is not your typical wine club. In fact, it’s more of a unique online retail space with 100,000 customers they call Naked Wines Angels. These Angels ensure upfront funding for the winemakers. The Angels help winemakers to put their attention on developing distinctive new wines that are supplied to Naked Wines at low prices.


Naked Wines’ online wine store model means it has a massive list of high-quality wines at affordable prices without the use of intermediaries. This means even better savings for its customers. 


What Does Naked Wines Have To Offer?


There are two ways you can buy from Naked Wines:


  • One-off purchase

  • Become an Angel 


If you want to become an Angel, you must put $40 a month in the “ piggy bank.” The collected money is then invested in capable winemakers that then leads to a high-quality wine list with up to a 60 percent discount on what you’d typically pay in stores. When you’re an Angel, you can spend the money on any Naked Wines bottle, or you can choose to have the money refunded if you decide not to spend it. 


How To Order From Naked Wines


Case – You have the option to order by the case, which the company has many of. You can choose from white, red or mixed cases or you can go with themed cases – Date Night case, Brunch Case, etc. You can also decide on cases based on the region. If you have a case in mind, you can let the customer service team know your thoughts. 


Singles – The Naked Wines’ online store has hundreds of wines from around the world available for you to try. 


Who Should Use Naked Wines? Why Should You Consider It?


This company is ideal for anybody with a palate for fine wine – whether it’s your first time or you’re a wine lover. Naked Wines has a vast collection of wines for you to choose, ranging from affordable quality wines to award-winning high-quality wines. 


  • Winemakers develop all its wines

  • Affordable prices with discounts of up to 60 percent from typical retail stores

  • 100 percent refund on any wine you don’t like

  • $40 a month for being an Angel where you get Angel-funded wines

  • Angels receive complimentary wine each month

  • Flexible offerings 


How To Manage Your Naked Wines Account


It’s easy to manage your Naked Wines account through the website. If you’re going to make a one-off purchase, you just choose wines from the two categories of cases or single wines. From there, you can use the filters – country, region, customer ratings, etc. – to look through their wine list. From there, you choose your wines and checkout. 


If you’d like to become a Naked Wines Angel, go to the Angel selection on the upper area of the website. Click on it to learn how to become one. Register an account, review the benefits and look at the different winemakers Angels have funded. 


What Kinds of Wines Does Naked Wines Have To Offer?


The great thing about Naked Wines is that they work with numerous independent winemakers from around the world. They work with winemakers who specialize in every kind of wine possible. Their wines begin at very affordable prices to high-priced wines you may never have even considered trying. This is what’s so great about Naked Wines. There is a wine for everybody!


Should You Consider Naked Wines For Your Wine Needs?


If you want a wine club, then Naked Wines may disappoint. It’s not the typical wine club you come to expect from other companies. Thanks to its customer rating system, independent winemakers are funded to produce fantastic wines customers and Angels have come to expect from the service, at prices that are sure to please. 


Naked Wines offers an exhaustive list of wines that ensures you have access to handcrafted domestic and international wines that are sure to please your palate. So, should you try it? The real question is… why should you not?