Plonk Wine Review

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Updated: April 2020

Should You Consider A Subscription To The Plonk Wine Club 

Wine clubs were designed to give wine aficionados a way to enjoy wines from all around the world and cultivate their palates. This is why Plonk Wine Club came about.  With Plonk Wine Club, you can taste wines you couldn’t generally due to location. If you want to try wines from France or Italy even if you live in California, Plonk Wine Club gives you that opportunity.


What makes Plonk so different from other wine clubs you can choose from? All of Plonk’s wines are organic and biodynamic, which means the growing method is not the same as other wine clubs.  While some wines Plonk offers is not labeled as being organic, the strict growing guidelines the club follows deems them all organic. Plonk’s wineries use only organic practices but did not seek out or promote wines as being organic. 


Etty Lewensztain is the owner of the Plonk Wine Club, who wanted wine lovers to have a place where they could order wines from around the globe easily and quickly. Many subscribers see Etty has their personal wine concierge, thanks to all she has to offer.  She has been acknowledged by wine critics around the world and Food Magazine. 


Etty is all about choosing the best wines, which has led to her recognition by Wine and Spirits Magazine has being of the Top 30 under 30 curators. 


What should you know about the Plonk Wine Club?


What To Expect When You Sign Up For A Plonk Wine Club Membership


Plonk gives you the opportunity of choosing if you want all reds, all whites or a mixture of the two in every shipment. You have the choice of two, four or 12 bottles of every wine for your shipment.  You can also choose another Plonk-related wine club such as sauvignon blanc wine club, pinot noir wine club or cabernet sauvignon wine club. 


The Plonk Wine Club is all about offering high-quality wines at reasonable prices. Yes, you can find other wine clubs for less, but the wine quality of these clubs tend to lack the luster that Plonk offers.  You may also find more expensive wine clubs with very expensive wines. If you want a wine club that offers high-quality organic wines at affordable prices, then this is the club for you.


Plonk ensures the wines it chooses to use and send to its customers come from high-quality grapes from various locations around the world. This ensures that you can try wines from near and far, far away when you want. 


Another significant aspect of this wine club is its education program. While saving themselves money, which, in turn, saves you money, you can learn about the different wines in the handcrafted tasting notes. In these notes, you’ll learn what recipes go best with the wine. 


The wine club offers a lot in the way of convenience. You can set up your account online, manage it and make changes as needed, such as updating your method of payment, changing your shipping address and renewing the membership.  If you want to pause your subscription or cancel it altogether, you’ll need to reach out to customer service during the Plonk Wine Club’s business hours.  


In terms of customer service, Etty wanted to make sure her company responded quickly to customer issues. You won’t get automated email responses or a call center greeter. Instead, Etty makes sure to be available at all times – emailing and chatting with her subscribers. She wants to ensure her customers are happy with the whole experience. 


In fact, she made sure to add a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with the Plonk Wine Club. If there is a bottle of wine that didn’t please you, they’ll give you a refund. Due to her vast wine knowledge, chances are this won’t happen (or it won’t happen often). 


Take Advantage Of The Discounts


There are three things to consider when looking at possible discounts of a wine club:


  • Is there an introductory offer?

  • Is there a discount when reordering wines in a previous shipment?

  • Is there any offer member-only discounts?


The majority of people who choose a Plonk Wine Club subscription are not doing it for the discounts. After all, Etty is already looking for the best wines at a great price. She already has the lowest prices of other wine clubs you could be a part of, which means great prices for you. Still, there are discounts and benefits that come with a Plonk Wine Club:


  • Professional-grade, double-hinged, Teflon-coated corkscrew

  • Free shipping with all wine club shipments (The cost for shipping is around $20 for most other wine clubs)

  • 10 percent discount on wines you reorder. If you choose to buy a case of a particular wine, you are offered a 25 percent discount on the shipping. 

  • If you choose to renew, you’ll get a free bottle of wine as a bonus. 


Should You Consider Giving This As A Gift?


If there is a wine devotee in your circle, then there’s no reason not to consider a gift membership to the Plonk Wine Club. If this person enjoys wine – be it organic or not, then this is certainly one gift that’ll keep on giving. 


Are There Freebies?


Plonk Wine Club does offer a freebie if you decide to subscribe. One such freebie the company provided was a double-jointed corkscrew, which allows you to open any wine bottles easily. The only problem is trying to open a bottle with a solid rubber cork.  There are all kinds of corkscrews on the market, with some of them costing more than $100. When it comes to opening wine bottles, you’re liable to use the double-jointed corkscrew before any other. 


This is just some of the many freebies Plonk Wine Club has to offer. 


If You Choose The Scholium Project Wine…


If you decide to get the Scholium Project Wine, you’ll learn that the winery uses only certified organic fruit from farmers of the region. Each wine batch comes from a single vineyard and carries the name of that vineyard. The winery works in close conjunction with the farmers. 


After the harvesting of the eco-friendly grapes, the fermentation process is done naturally. The fruit isn’t sterilized, which means no added bacteria, commercial yeast or enzymes (as you see with other vineyards). Chilling does occur, which will delay the fermentation process. Grapes may also be punched down to ensure the wine has a complex flavor to it.


The wine has an odd salmon color to it, which is usually seen with rose wines from Provence. When the wine has been cooled, it brightens in color and has a nutty after taste—something you might see with Sherry. 


This cool-down feature means the wine offers unique properties that you may never have seen before. The Scholium Project wine goes wonderfully with an array of foods, be it Tex-Mex or Italian.