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Best Alternatives To Plated

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Plated will end its subscription meal kit business by the end of November. Plated offered great tasting meals that anyone can enjoy. We believe that there are plenty of alternatives that can replace Plated in your kitchen. Below is our list:

#1 Home Chef


Home Chef has one plan, but it’s very flexible. There is a two-dish minimum but no maximum to how many dishes you can order. You can pick a delivery for two, four or six people as well as vegetarian and five-minute meal options. 

Home Chef provides 18 dishes to choose from, including its five-minute, no-cook and vegetarian options. Since there is no maximum limit to your Home Chef meals, you can order as much as you’d like. These meals can be chosen based on their ingredients – chicken, pork, fish or beef – or by cuisine like American, Asian and Italian. 

The menu is changed on a weekly basis, which means there are new dishes for you to try with the ability to customize your choices. 

People order a meal kit delivery service because they like the convenience it provides, which means they would like to make dishes that easy to prepare but taste amazing. Home Chef is all about the classics, adding a twist to them that makes its customers feel they’re getting something new. Ingredients are added to meals people may never have considered throwing in together, changing the flavors but still tasting delicious. 

Best of all, the dinners don’t take more than 30 minutes to make and so easy that even those with no kitchen skills can make them.  

No matter what the ingredients are, Home Chef provides only the best quality ingredients for its customers. They have partnered with several well-known companies to source their ingredients, using organic ingredients when able. 

Home Chef even offers extras that can round out a meal, including smoothies and seasonal fruit basket (for an added low price). 

Home Chef’s delivery area includes nearly all of the U.S. To learn if Home Chef delivers to your area, be sure to type in your zip code on the website to find out. 

#2 Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh offers four plans to choose from, which caters to either two or four people with up to six recipes each week. The plans Hello Fresh offer include:

Meat and Veggies – 16 meal options to pick from every week

Veggie – Three meal options each week

Family – Seven meal options to each week

Calorie-Smart – Three low-calorie dishes each week

The company recently increased its menu range, offering 19 dishes a week (similar to Home Chef). Its culinary meals include American, Asian, Italian, Mexican, etc. The menu offers dishes for all kinds of dietary lifestyles, including low-calorie, pescatarian, vegetarian and family-friendly.  ​They also offer some gourmet or hall of fame meals as well as some weekly specials that include craft burger dishes. 

Hello Fresh’s meats are mostly domestically-sourced from companies that use no hormones or antibiotics, including its pork, beef and seafood. While its vegetables are not always organic, the quality remains outstanding. 

According to Hello Fresh, the company is intent on helping its customers to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet instead of focusing on whether or not the vegetables and fruit are organic. 

Still, Hello Fresh makes sure all its meals are nutritionally-loaded – a healthy combination of vegetables and carbs in the right portion amount. Each meal has a calorie range between 500 and 800 calories (with some meals exceeding this). You can check out the online menu to learn more about each dish’s nutritional information.

Additionally, HelloFresh offers a wine subscription that you can cancel at any time. You can 50% off your first order

#3 Sun Basket - Healthiest Meal Kit


Sun Basket offers two plans for customers to choose from – Classic Menu with up to three dishes a week for two or four people or Family menu, which offers up to four dishes a week for four people. They include an array of dietary plans from gluten-free, vegetarian, paleo and lean & clean. Should you follow any special diet, then Sun Basket may be the one you want. Sun Basket provides signature sauces for $4.99 each week. 

Dish variety is a big thing for households. After all, it gets tiring having the same thing over and over. Sun Basket offers 18 meals every week on the Classic Menu with dishes that meals that cater to those special diets. Mix and match how you feel you need. One of the biggest reasons people opt for the Sun Basket meal delivery service. 

Now, just how complex are the meals – how difficult are they to make. Sun Basket is all about giving customers healthy food such as vegetables, greens, whole rice, gluten-free pasta, etc. 

When it comes to product quality, both Sun Basket and Home Chef offer high-quality products for their customers. For Sun Basket’s efforts, they offer to only use sustainably-sourced and organic ingredients – something that makes them stand out above the rest. 

#4 Dinnerly - Best Affordable Meal Kit


Dinnerly is fairly new to the meal kit delivery service industry but focused on giving customers the meals they want at an affordable price.  Dinnerly, on the other hand, has two plans to pick from:

Two-person box – For two people and three dishes a week

Family box – For four people and at least three meals a week

Dinnerly customers can pick from six meals a week – be it the two-person or family box. These meals also include vegetarian and child-friendly choices.

Dinnerly is all about affordable pricing, which means their meals and recipes are kept basic with very few ingredients. You can make most of the meals in 30 minutes or less, as the meals are easy to make. 

Most people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to Dinnerly because of its low price. However, the ingredients you get from this meal kit delivery service would rival any company, including Home Chef. The difference is that they don’t use as many ingredients, don’t use printed cards (digital ones will do) and less packaging. 

Once again, Dinnerly cares more about keeping costs low for its customers, which means its ingredients for every meal is packaged in the same container. Thus, you will need to contend with unpacking it when the box comes in. The proteins are surrounded by ice to ensure they stay cool while shipped.  Keep in mind that the box coming in will designate that it’s from Dinnerly.