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Welcome to Meal Kit Advisor

Let us introduce Ourselves

Welcome to Meal Kit Advisor.

Thank you for visiting our site. We started this website for because of our passion for food. As two busy professionals we don't really have time to cook. We would end up buying take out and fast food all the time. When we had time to cook, we would buy too much ingredients and we would ended up throwing it away. As a solution to unhealthy food and waste, we starting trying out several meal kit delivery services. Over the last year, we have tried most of the services and we came up with our own opinion and reviews most of the meal kit services on the market to help you make the decision of which is best service out there for you. Also, we have provided you with some deals and coupons for you to start enjoying some of the meal kits.

We will be updating the blog with recipes and meals from the companies reviewed.

Enjoy the blog!

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