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Purple Carrot Review

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Updated: January 2021

Purple Carrot Offers Complete Vegan Experience With All Its Meal Plans

What makes the Purple Carrot meal kit delivery service so different from other services of its kind? It’s a plant-based, vegan only meal kit delivery service that’s focused on improving three things – your health, animal welfare, and the environment.  Every delivery offers pre-portioned, fresh plant-based ingredients that let you make highly-enjoyable dinners in your own home.


Best of all, every meal is easy to make – cut, heat and cook!


Still, you may be wondering if the Purple Carrot is the right choice for you and your household. What are some things that you need to consider before investing your money into this meal kit delivery service?


What Should You Know About Purple Carrot?


Purple Carrot was specifically created for people who are 100 percent into the vegan diet as well as people who want more plant-based food in their diet. The service offers a TB12 plan that’s ideal for extremely active people who use a high-protein diet.  One of the best things the service provides is easy-to-make recipes – ideal for those who don’t typically like to cook but are tired of eating out or who have a busy lifestyle with little time to cook.


Purple Carrot has four meal plans it offers for two people, of three meals a week. Each serving cost between $12-$13 per serving. When you sign up for the service, you can change up your meals each week no matter what plan you are in. The plans Purple Carrot offer include:


  • Quick & Easy – This plan entails meals that can be quickly made in 30 minutes or less.

  • High Protein – This plan incorporates meals that are loaded with protein and give you a great source of energy.

  • Chef’s Choice – This plan provides you with five-star, plant-based meals.

  • TB12 Performance Plan – This plan was created for individuals who want to attain or keep up with their performance levels. These recipes were created to meet active individuals’ higher metabolic needs. They are low in soy, gluten-free but rich in protein.

What Kind Of Variety Do You Get With Purple Carrot?


Purple Carrot’s basic menu consists of six dishes each week, which can be mixed and matched between its meal plans. The special TB12 plan has three dishes that are loaded with calories and protein for people who are physically active (weightlifting, gym workouts, sports, etc.).


The ingredients are completely plant-based – ideal for both vegans and non-vegans (who desire an increase in their plant-based ingredients.  However, its menu is extremely diverse with American, Italian, Mexican and Asian dishes to cook from. Use the “Menu” tab to see what future menus look like.


What Can You Expect From The Ingredients?


Most meal delivery kit services pride themselves on offering extremely fresh, high-quality vegetables and fruits. However, there was some inconsistency on some of its ingredients. Some of its ingredients went bad pretty quick. With that said, Purple Carrot packs its ingredients were well on its insulated biodegradable packing materials.


When You’re Ready To Use Purple Carrot


It’s very easy to get your first Purple Carrot order. You just go to their website and sign up for the service. Type in your email address and create a password. Pick the meal plan you want, and your account is created. You’ll need to go through the menu selection, picking them meals you want for that week. You have up to nine recipes every week – three for the TB12 plan and six for the three others. You also have options for high-protein, quick and easy and gluten-free dishes.

You can also manage your account very easily – with its flexible options, you can skip a week or two if necessary, change a recipe or plan. And, if you find that Purple Carrot isn’t right for you, you can cancel the service through the website.


What To Remember About Purple Carrot?


Yes, Purple Carrot is a plant-based only meal kit delivery service, with an array of meals and high-protein dishes to choose from. While the meals have some interesting flavors to them, there is some skepticism about their ingredients. If this is a concern for you, you may want to choose another meal kit delivery service that offers vegan-only or caters to vegans and provide you with higher-quality ingredients.