Purple Carrot Vs. Veestro

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Updated: June 2020
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Our Pick


$9.99 - $11.99 per serving for dinner

$8.99 for lunch

$4.49 for breakfast

$9.90 - $11.70 per meal



$9.99 and free with auto-delivery

Minimum Order:

2 people, 2 recipes per week (4 meals)

10 meals

Recipes Per Week:

8 dinner, 3 lunches, 3 breakfast

50 differents meals including dinner and breakfast

Menu Choices:

Adds Ons:

Diets Choices:

1 menu



1 menu



Quality of Ingredients:

Organic non-GMO

96% organic

Flexible Plans:




Cook Time:

20 30 minutes for dinner

5-10 minutes for lunch

Cooking Difficulty:

Easy - medium 



Microwave 3-4 minutes


Veestro and Purple Carrot Caters To Vegans With Their 100% Plant-Based Meals 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to both prepared meal and meal kit delivery services. With so many options, you can always find a service everyone in the family will like. A drawback to the number of choices is looking and weighing the pros and cons. Then, you need to narrow down the choices to one or two.


If you’re interested in a plant-based meal delivery service, you’ll be glad to know that there are quite a few of these services available. Two popular options include Purple Carrot and Veestro. These two services are great options for vegans or those looking to boost their consumption of plant-based foods.  

What do you need to know about these companies? Which one is better for you?


A Closer Look At Purple Carrot 


This 100 percent, plant-based meal kit delivery service has a long-term goal: to ensure plant-based eating becomes standard. 

Their hope is that people turn to a plant-based diet for their nutritional needs due to three primary reasons - animal welfare, environmental and their health.  


What makes Purple Carrot so great is its convenience. Meal kits contained already-portioned plant-based ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes. The menu includes dishes that are easy to cook without any troubles. 


When you sign up with Purple Carrot, you have four meal plans to choose from. All plans are designed for two individuals and have three meals a week. After you subscribe to a plan, you have the option to switch meals from one plan to plan. What are the available plan options?


  • Chef’s Choice – More cultured dishes that offers customers a decadent plant-based dining experience 

  • High Protein Plan – Protein-packed foods to help boost your energy levels

  • Quick & Easy Plan – Convenient, 30-minute or less to-make meals

  • TB12 Performance – Protein-packed meals that are low in soy and gluten-free created for athletes and extremely active people to meet their high metabolic needs.


The menu offers six plant-based meals every week that can be mixed and matched between all plans. On top of that, the TB12 plan offers three additional plans that focus on high-calorie and high-protein dishes (geared toward people with an active lifestyle. 

A Closer Look At Veestro


Veestro offers completely-made 100 percent plant-based meals, operating under the belief that eating more plants will improve your life quality. This means people are less likely to suffer from certain types of diseases, have more energy levels and better health. 


Veestro’s menu is loaded with tasty vegan meals that vegans and non-vegans are sure to enjoy. The dishes are well-balanced and nutritious, helping you to maintain your weight. These meals are prepared by chefs and delivered to your door entirely made. 


Veestro offers three meal plans you can choose from:


  • A la Carte – This plan offers choices for all meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You can also get soups. In this plan, you have choices of dishes that are gluten-free and can help you to lose weight.

  • Meal Packs – This meal plan includes goal-oriented packs like lunch box, gluten-free and Meatless Monday. This meal plan allows you to make choices based on your personal preferences.

  • Weight Loss – This plan has choices for three, five to seven days and will send you meals for two weeks in every delivery. 


Veestro offers more than 60 plant-based meal choices with options for supper and breakfast as well as dessert, lunch, salads and soups. Chefs prepare the meals and flash freeze it before it’s sent to you.

Veestro is dedicated to offering you only the best ingredients in its foods. Therefore, they make sure to hand-pick all their ingredients, ensuring they come from organic, sustainably-sourced locations. Their consistent use of high-standard ingredients helps them to produce healthy, tasty meals you deserve. 


What To Expect From Both Companies 


Both the Veestro and Purple Carrot boxes are insulated, but where Veestro packs its boxes with plenty of ice, Purple Carrot uses a non-toxic gel pack to keep foods cold. Both boxes are highly-organized, which makes it easy to unpack and put away meals. The meals arrive in a branded-sleeve that includes the dish’s name, heating and serving instructions and pertinent nutritional facts. 


Purple Carrot goes a step further by using eco-friendly for their packaging, which can be recycled, reused or composted. 


Both companies make it easy to use their website, which allows you to sign up and manage your account quickly. Since they are both subscription-based services, you can skip weeks if you need to or cancel if you no longer want to use the service. 


What To Keep In Mind 


If you want to boost your plant-based ingredients intake, a meal prepared or meal kit delivery service is an extremely convenient way in which you can. Both companies have dishes that are 100 percent plant-based, which means they do have some similar recipes. Still, there are differences between them that could sway you to decide which one is best. 


If you want meals already cooked and take no time at all to prepare, Veestro is going to be the service to go with. All you have to do is heat and eat their meals; great for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Veestro also uses only the best organic ingredients.