Real Eats Review

Score: 8.6/10
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Updated: January 2021

RealEats Offers Professionally-Prepared Foods Cooked In Six Minutes Or Less

Every meal you get from RealEats is professionally made and delivered fresh to your door – no frozen meals. Best of all, RealEats only uses the best quality and organic ingredients – no additives, preservatives or other junk are allowed.


How easy is it to make Real Eats? Just put your meal in a pot of boiling water for six minutes, and you’ll have delicious foods in no time. 


The great thing about RealEats is that its plastic pouches used to pack meals are free of BPA, plasticizer and phthalate – the same quality you’d get from high-rated, superior gourmet restaurants. Meals are vacuumed packed to lock in the ingredient’s nutrients and the flavor, which means you can store the foods up to seven days in your refrigerator. 


What Should You Know About RealEats


RealEats is ideal for people who desire healthier and tasty foods in their own home. If you’re always on the run and don’t have time to cook, this is the service for well-balanced, low-calorie foods that taste amazing. There are two subscriptions you can choose from:


  • Dinner Only – Choose the number of meals you’d like to get every week – 4, 6 8 and 12.

  • Breakfast + Dinner – This plan allows you to choose how many meals you want each week – 4, 6, 8 and 12 breakfasts and dinners.

There are 22 meals to pick from every week including Breakfasts selections, Dinner selections and Chef selections. Meals are updated every week, with dishes from all around the world.  Dishes such as:


  • Pan Seared Bavette Steak

  • Kofta Kebaba

  • Southwest Grilled Chicken Bowl

  • Honey Sesame Chicken

  • Cajun Whitefish

  • Beef Bolognese


Every one of these meals was developed to be ready in no more than six minutes. How so? RealEats uses the “Sous-Vide” French cooking method or under vacuum. It works by vacuum-sealing the ingredients in a pouch and then cooked gently in water.  Through this method, the meals stay fresh – no added preservatives or fat to maintain their flavor is needed. The meals are healthier, which can help with weight loss if that’s what you’re after. 


Whenever possible, the ingredients for every meal comes from locally-sourced, fresh from the farm to ensure only the best quality. Company headquarters is in the Fingers Lakes region – the heart of rich agriculture territory.  The team at RealEats works to combine these local ingredients with other farms to produce the flavors seen around the world but never could get – until now!


How To Start A RealEats Account


The great thing about RealEats is that its website is extremely user-friendly and navigable. Under the “On The Menu” tab, you can look at the offered dishes and ordering options.  You’ll even be provided with nutritional facts and a calorie count for each dish. 


To order, you just need to choose your preferred plans out of eight choices. There are four different plans under the two categories. From there, you choose what meals you want for the next week and check out. The account is made after you check out for the first time. By creating an account, you can access the meal planner and plan out the menu for the next week. You can also make changes to your subscription – change plans, update address or payment method, etc. 


When your RealEats food arrives, it’ll be well-organized in the branded medium-sized box. Food is kept cold during shipping with the use of gel packs. Meals arrive in their vacuumed-plastic bag packaging through the “sous-vide” method. The packaging does not contain any phthalate, plasticizer or BPA; it’s the same kind of packaging you see in gourmet restaurants. 


Should You Try RealEats For Yourself?


You may think that RealEats is like any other meal kit delivery service, but rest assured, the company takes healthy eating seriously. They understand that time is important to everybody and the less cooking one has to do, the better. Of course, this usually means sacrificing healthy eating, but RealEats makes sure that you can have both.  It’s a far better option than getting takeout when you’re short on time and the meals are great!


So, if you want a quick, healthy, low-calorie solution for your meals, then you absolutely need to try RealEats. The company is all about giving its customers fully-prepared foods that can be heated quickly, taste good and are healthy using only the best and freshest ingredients.  In fact, most meals contain no more than 500 calories a serving. 


Best of all, the meals are prepared by chefs. The meals you get will taste fresh using only healthy ingredients that include a plethora of vegetables and protein. It will be as if you prepared it all by yourself.