Silver Cuisine by Bistro MD Review

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Score: 8.7/10
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Updated: January 2021

Silver Cuisine By BistroMD Delivers Senior Citizens High-Quality, Delicious, Healthy Meals 

BistroMD has come up with a meal delivery service geared toward its third-age demographic (or senior citizens), calling it Silver Cuisine. BistroMD operates under the premise that the body’s medicine is food, and getting the right kind of it ensures that people feel and look their best at all times.


Dr. Caroline Cederquist founded BistroMD. As a physician, she specialized in bariatric medicine – how food changes into fuel for the human body to use. 


All the Silver Cuisine by BistroMD meals are developed to meet senior citizen needs.  The meals are developed by doctors, which ensures that seniors get their nutritional needs met. The meals are also tailored to seniors who have special dietary needs – low sodium, diabetes, vegetarian, gluten-free, heart-healthy, low carb, and dairy-free meals. Professional chefs are in charge of making these foods – to incorporate the freshest ingredients and make them tasty so seniors will want to eat. 


With Senior Cuisine by BistroMD, there’s no reason to mess with meal planning, shopping or cooking. It’s all done for you! The meals are delivered fully-cooked and ready to heat to eat. 


What You Can Expect From BistroMD’s Senior Cuisine Program


There is so much flexibility offered in the Silver Cuisine plans – there is no membership commitment required and no order limit. Order when you want whatever you want.  There are more than 150 meal options that can be heated up in five minutes or less. Meal choices are available for breakfast, lunch, supper and snack – providing you with meals throughout the day. Some cuisine you can expect to enjoy include:


  • Asian

  • Seafood

  • Chicken

  • Pasta

  • Meatballs 

  • Soups


Every enjoyable and prepared meal you get was the brainchild of a doctor and cooked by a professional chef.  The company uses only fresh, natural ingredients that come from reputable sources for all its meals. Seafood comes from sustainable sources, beef is rBGH-free and chicken has no hormones in them – thanks to the partnership the company has with several local family-owned farms. 


On top of that, the company has hired a team of registered nutritionists and dieticians to constantly update the already-large menu. New meals – be it vegetarian, low-sodium, low-calorie or whatever – are being added regularly.


After you’ve chosen your meals for the week, your meals will be cooked and then packaged in individual sleeves that include the meal’s name, nutritional information, ingredients and heating instructions. These are then packed in a large box with an insulated foam cover and surrounded by large non-toxic gel-ice packs, which ensures the food stays cold during the shipping process.


Now, you may be hesitant about trying Silver Cuisine by BistroMD, especially since the meals arrive frozen, but rest assured, the meals are flavorful and tasty upon heating. These are not your typical TV dinners; they are going to taste just as you made them yourself at home that very night. 


It cannot be stressed enough that meals are made by professionals, as the orders come in. The company does not believe in mass-producing meals. Once the meals have been cooked, they are flash-frozen, packaged, and delivered to your home. 


How To Order Your Meal Delivery Kit


BistroMD’s website is very user-friendly, easy to navigate and has a simple ordering process. To order, look at the full menu options and choose which meals you want. You can sort by price, specific diet requirements, meal types, new additions and weekly specials.  Once you added the meals you want to your shopping cart, you can check out for your order to be processed, your meals made and then delivered to your door. 


It really is just that easy!


Should You Try BistroMD’s Silver Cuisine?


If you’re a senior who doesn’t have the ability, time or energy to cook delicious, healthy meals at home, then Silver Cuisine by BistroMD is the answer. If you have special food requirements, the company has dishes that fall into the more common specialty categories. There’s no reason to go without food or eat fast food anymore.  Heat up the frozen meal within minutes. With this service, you’ll have delicious meals delivered to your door that you can heat up quickly and eat.