Sun Basket Review

Score: 9.8/10
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Updated: January 2021

Sun Basket Offers Eco-Friendly Approach In Ingredients and Packaging

Sun Basket has made itself known in the meal kits delivery service industry, offering healthy, nutritious pre-measured organic food (no hormones or antibiotics) for easy-to-cook recipes every week.


Sun Basket was founded by Chef Justine Kelly and Adam Zbar in 2014 San Francisco. It didn’t take long for the company to gain recognition for its healthy meal kits, becoming one of the nation’s best delivery services. Besides its amazing variety and tastes, the company is noticed more for using sustainable packaging such as:


  • Compostable or fully recyclable ingredient containers

  • Non-GMO cotton ice packs

  • Recyclable paper insulation liners


Sun Basket’s meal plans offer an array of meals that use 100 percent organic ingredients. Those who choose the Sun Basket meal kit delivery services do so because of the healthy classic dinner options that they can pick from.


What Kinds Of Meal Plans Does Sun Basket Have To Offer?


Sun Basket offers you the choice of two menu plans: classic or family.


With the classic option, you get up to three dishes each week that will satisfy up to four people each time.  You also have access to eight recipes that include six family-friendly choices. Each recipe offers portions for two or four people, but dependent on the plan choice.


With the family option, you get up to four dishes a week to satisfy four people. With this plan, you get six kid-friendly recipes as well as the Chef’s Choice and Vegetarian Meal plans. All recipes will satisfy four adults.


Sun Basket provides customers with nine dietary choices:



Due to the number of special dietary plans, you’ll get a plethora of recipes to choose from.


Besides the classic menu, the company provides 18 different dishes to pick from, which will be catered to your preferred dietary specifications. And, you can even mix and match the selections if you want.


This is another big reason for Sun Basket’s ever-increasing popularity.













What Is Sun Basket Price Like?


Sun Basket is quite affordable, with a cost $10.99-$11.99 per serving and a $6.99 shipping price every week.

How Easy Is It To Use Sun Basket?


You don’t have to understand technology fully to get the benefits this meal kit delivery service has to offer. Like most companies today, Sun Basket has an extremely user-friendly mobile app for you to use. It’s so easy that you won’t have issue navigating it. Just set up an account and pick from the 18 recipes offered every week. Or, choose the right meal plan for you. Once you subscribe to the service and place your order, the ingredients will be carefully packaged with Eco-friendly packaging (Sun Basket only uses 100 percent recyclable or compostable products) and sent to the address you provided. The entire process – from beginning to end – is designed to be smooth.


Sun Basket doesn’t lock you into a commitment, which allows you to skip a delivery or cancel their service if you find you’re not getting anything out of it. Just reach out to the company and make them aware before the cutoff day (Wednesday). It’s a user-friendly convenient subscription service that anybody can use.











What Is The Quality of Sun Basket Ingredients?


When you open the Sun Basket package, you’ll find that they give you exactly what they claim and you think – fresh high-quality, organic ingredients that are good for you.


Why Should You Use Sun Basket For Your Meal Kit Delivery Service Needs?


There is little doubt how popular Sun Basket has become for people who want quality and value from a meal kit delivery service. With organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients and different delicious recipes to pick from, subscribers can have their choice of meals and protein in whatever diet plan they choose.


It’s the kind of service for those who care about the environment and their bodies!

sun_basket_Mediterranean Chicken with As