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Recipes Per Week:
Menu Choices:

Sun Basket Vs. Freshly

Meal Kit Comparison 

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Our Pick
Updated: August 2020
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$11.99 per serving for classic menu

$10.99 per serving for family menu

$8.99 - $12.50 per serving


2 people, 3 recipes per week (6 meals)

18 for classic, 6 for family

2 Menu


4 Meals

30 recipes per week

1 menu

Adds Ons:

Salad, snacks, and sauces


Diets Choices:

Low-carb, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, mediterenean, diebetic, pescaterian

Quality of Ingredients:

"99% organic"

Flexible Plans:
Cook Time:
Cooking Difficulty:



30 minutes for dinner


Ketogenicpaleo, dairy free, low carb

"Freshest fruits and veggies, grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free chicken, and American-caught shrimp and more"



20-30 minutes


Will Freshly or Sun Basket Be The Better Choice For Your Household

There are many meal kit and prepared meal delivery services on the market, and it seems more and more companies are entering it. It’s no wonder people are left confused as to which one would be best for their family. To narrow the choices down, people need to consider what’s most important to them and compare the different ones they’ve chosen.


Two companies that people will come across in their research are Freshly and Sun Basket. These companies provide the same unique aspect as other meal kit and prepared delivery company – to save consumers time from having to grocery shop. Other than that, their experiences will be vastly different. What do you need to know to make an informed choice?


What You Should Know About Freshly Meal Kit Delivery Service


One of the newest meal kit and prepared delivery services on the market is Freshly, and it’s a company dedicated to offering people gluten-free, never-frozen, completely-prepared meals.


 Freshly offers four meal plans based on the amount of meals you would like to order. The choices include:


  • 4-single serving meals

  • 6-single serving meals

  • 9-single serving meals

  • 12-single serving meals


Freshly has a weekly menu of over 30 breakfast and dinner meals – all of which are gluten-free. The meals come fully-prepared, which means you just need to heat it up before eating. 


Freshly’s service is all about convenience, saving you the time and hassle of needing to cook. It takes just five minutes to heat up their meals and enjoy them. With so many options available, chances are you’re going to find something that appeals to your palate. 


What You Should Know About Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Service


Sun Basket is one of the industry’s longest-operating services, providing consumers with organic ingredients to cook easily at home. The company meets many lifestyle and dietary requirements, making them one of the best companies turn to choose to. 


Sun Basket does offer its services to most U.S. zip codes except for the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico and North Dakota. Boxes are shipped and delivered within 48 hours. 


You can choose from one of two offered S.B. plans:


  • Classic Menu – For two or four people up to three meals a week

  • Family Menu – For four people, up to four meals a week.


There are 18 meal choices, ranging from gluten-free, lean & clean, vegetarian, etc. You get the ingredients for the meals you choose to make for the home-cooked experience. With this option, you can find recipes that meet your particular dietary needs.


Sun Basket is all about giving its consumers fresh, organic and high-quality ingredients. The company does not endorse highly-complex meals for you to make, which means most meals are easily made within 30 minutes, with some being prepared in less than 20 minutes. 


What To Expect From Both Freshly and Sun Basket


Both companies are focused on offering culinary cuisines of all kinds, from Asian to American to Mexican to Italian. With so many cuisines, you will find a meal you like. Best of all, the companies work with reputable suppliers for their ingredients. 


For example, Sun Basket uses only organic, sustainably-sourced suppliers; those who do not use hormones or antibiotics in their products. Freshly has been deemed a certified gluten-free company, so all meals are gluten-free with ingredients that have no refined sugars, preservatives or hydrogenated oils. 


When your box arrives from Sun Basket or Freshly, they come in clearly-labeled boxes. Freshly labels its meals so that you can store them until you’re ready for it. Sun Basket’s ingredients are also marked and sorted based on their corresponding recipe. You just need to unpack the box and store them where you want until you’re ready to make the meal.


Freshly and Sun Basket both have a website that lets you sign up and make changes to your account easily (although SB also has an app that lets you do this). Although they are subscription-based services, neither Sun Basket nor Freshly will lock you in a plan, which means if you want to change from one plan to another every week, you can. You can also skip weeks when necessary at no cost to you.


Which Meal Kit and Prepared Meal Service Company Is Best?


There is no doubt how beneficial both these meal kit and prepared meal delivery services can be for a household. Both have features that will appeal to anybody. If you want already-prepared fresh meals, Freshly will be the way to go. If you’re going to make meals at home without the need to go grocery shopping, Sun Basket is the better option.


Which one is ideal?


Both companies are about organic, but it’s Sun Basket that goes above and beyond with its promise to offering ingredients free of antibiotics and hormones, easy-to-follow recipes and tasty food. Although it’s only got 18 meals to choose from every week, there are easy to make and can be done in, most cases, less than 20 minutes. 

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