Terra's Kitchen Review

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Service Closed Aug 2019
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Updated: January 2020

Terra’s Kitchen Offers 100 Nutritious, Delicious Meals For Diets Of All Kinds


Are you in search of a meal delivery kit service that offers diverse foods that comprise the key points of the Mediterranean diet and its way of healthy living? If so, then look no further than Terra’s Kitchen meal delivery service. Terra’s Kitchen provides you with some simple meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – you can prepare in your home quickly and effortlessly.  You also have some ready-to-eat snacks, smoothies, salads and more to choose from.


If you have special dietary requirements, then Terra’s Kitchen is the service for you.


Who Could Benefit From Terra’s Kitchen Meal Delivery Service?


Anybody and everybody could benefit from Terra’s Kitchen, and if your lifestyle is especially busy with very little time to cook healthy, nutritious food, then you certainly want to take up this service.  The meals, which are prepared for two to four people, are sent right to your door with the ingredients already ready for your use. Terra’s Kitchen wants to make preparing meals easy for you – 30 minutes or less.

Terra’s Kitchen menu caters to all kinds of special diets like the Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-calorie, low-carb, keto, etc.  There are 100 menu items for you to pick from, and includes fresh vegetables that


All you need to do is choose a plan that works for you, but be aware that there is the $72 minimum order requirement, but it does come with free shipping.




What Can You Expect When You Use Terra’s Kitchen?


If you’re interested in using Terra’s Kitchen meal delivery service, you just need to sign up for an account through either the website or app. Once the account has been created, you need to pick out the items you want to order – and there are a plethora of them to choose from. You have your choices of 90+ menu items – all healthy and delicious. It includes fresh vegetables for any culinary dish you could want – Asian, American, Italian, Mexican, etc.


And, if you’re in the mood for smoothies, snacks or cold-pressed juices, you can buy the ingredients for these meals.


Once your order has been placed, you’ll be sent the “unique Terra’s Kitchen vessel” with all the ingredients needed for the meals you’ve chosen. These ingredients have already been prepared for use. Just you put it all in the refrigerator and eat when you’re ready!


Terra’s Kitchen is focused on offering high-quality ingredients to their customers, sending them ingredients that were already pre-peeled and/or pre-chopped and fresh. They use only ingredients that have no GMO proteins, hormones or antibiotics.  They get their fruits and vegetables from the far and seafood from sustainable sources, ensuring they arrive much faster than groceries stores.

Terra’s Kitchen is all about using organic products (whenever they can).


When you become a Terra’s Kitchen member, you also get to enjoy the flexibility that comes with the service. If you need to skip any weeks, you can easily do so. If you want to change your meal choices for the next week, you can also do this. And, if you decide that Terra’s Kitchen isn’t right for you any longer, you can cancel without any issues. There are no commitments when using Terra’s Kitchen service.


As noted earlier, Terra’s Kitchen is a next-generation type of meal kit delivery service that uses only eco-friendly packaging. The “vessel” is a special container that ensures food stays fresh and cooled throughout the shipping process.


After the vessel has been delivered, you take your ingredients out and into the refrigerator. Put the vessel back in the location where it was placed at delivery. It will be picked up the next day, and Terra’s Kitchen will re-use it 100 other times for other deliveries.


How Easy Is It To Use The Website and App To Order Your Meals?


Both the website and app are user-friendly. You just need to sign up for the service and fill the cart with your preferred choices.  You can also make changes to your account easily through either option – be it menu choices, personal information updates, etc.


What You Need To Remember About Terra’s Kitchen?


Terra’s Kitchen was created for people who are always on the go with no time for grocery shopping but still want to eat a healthy, tasty meal. If this sounds like you, then Terra’s Kitchen is just what you need. With easy-to-cook, 30-minutes or less meals for up to four people as well as healthy smoothies and snacks, this is the choice you need for your family.  


And, if you have special dietary needs, the service also caters to an array of diet types.  What more could you ask for from a meal kit delivery service?