Veestro Review

Score: 8.7/10
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Updated: January 2021

Veestro Offers Healthy, Plant-Based, No Mess, No Fuss Meals For Vegans and Non-Vegans

You don’t have to follow a stringent vegan diet to get the benefits that come from consuming more plants – that’s the philosophy behind Veestro, a prepared delivery service that focuses on plant-based foods. 


Veestro is committed to improving the quality of their customers’ diets with the increase on plant-based foods whenever possible. A person who eats a plant-based diet or adds more plant-based foods to their diet reduces their risk of suffering various health problems – heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. 


And, if you’re trying to get healthy and lose weight, a well-balanced, plant-based diet makes it a little easier to do.


What You Should Know About Veestro


Veestro’s vegan meals are not just geared to vegans, but anybody. All meals are chef-prepared and delivered to your door in an eco-friendly package. If you’ve had a busy day at work, there’s no reason for you to cook. Just take out a Veestro meal, heat and serve it! It really is that easy! 

No fuss, no mess! 


Veestro offers several ways in which subscribers can enjoy the meals:


  • Weight Loss - You have the option of a three, five or seven-day plan, and each shipment comes with two weeks’ worth of food.

  • A la carte – This option allows you to choose from breakfast, soups, juices, entrees and more. You can also go with gluten-free options and other meals that will help you with any weight-loss goals.

  • Chef’s Choice Pre-Picked Meals – This option is designed to better meet people’s needs. It comes with several goal-oriented meals that you can choose from including lunch box, meatless Mondays and more. 


There are more than 60 plant-based meals being offered from breakfast, lunch and dinner – each one cooked by professional chefs and delivered to you in an eco-friendly package, frozen and ready for you to make.  The company uses only the best ingredients, handpicking and choosing only organic products to produce their meals. 


When the food is delivered to your door, it will come insulated and packed around copious amounts of ice, so the food stays at the right temperature. Even if left outside the freezer for a time, the meals stay frozen. 


All meals come in a branded sleeve with information such as the dish’s name, nutritional facts and heating instructions. Nutritional facts are certainly useful if your goal is to lose weight. 


How To Get Started and Use The Veestro Service


To get started with Veestro, go to the website and start the ordering process, which you can find under the “Order” section. From there, you can go through the various plans and ordering options to find the meals you want to heat and eat the next week. Veestro’s menu is clearly laid out, so it’s easy to read and understand.


Veestro offers its services to the lower 48 states with a shipping fee based on the order. There is free shipping on orders $199 or more.  Since meals are frozen when they arrive, you can store them for a bit of time. Go with orders above $199 to save yourself on the shipping, and you’ll have food when you want them.


Order delivery tends to take a week after the initial order is placed. 


Should You Consider Veestro For Your Meal Subscription Service?


If living and eating healthy is what you want, then Veestro is certainly one meal kit subscription service to consider. Many vegans use the service along with non-vegans who want to add more plant-foods into their diet. No meal is mass-produced; they’re prepared as you would prepare them in your home. 


Preservative-free, organic and plant-based meals that are professionally cooked by chefs and then frozen for shipment to ensure safety and satisfaction.  This is how Veestro ensures its service to its customers.