2020 Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Kit

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We reviewed and ranked all the top whole30 diet meal kit on the market. Here is our top three choices.

Updated: March 2020
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Price per serving: $11.99-$12.99
Shipping: $6.99-$13.98
3-6 choices per diet preference 
USDA Certified Organic
Price per serving: $10.99-$11.99
Shipping: $6.99
18 recipes per week
99% organic

Whole30 Diet Is A Stringent Program That Eliminates Host Of “Bad” Foods 

For more than 10 years, the Whole30 Diet program has grown in popularity, as it’s helped people to attain their weight loss goals. The premise behind this diet is that certain food groups are harmful to your health, such as sugary foods, sugar, alcohol, dairy, grains and legumes.  


According to the diet, these foods hinder you from being healthy and need to be eliminated from the diet for 30 days. Simply put, it’s a strict detox program or another aspect of the Paleo diet. If you see a Paleo diet, it’s a Whole30 diet as well.


If you want to use the Whole30 diet to help you lose weight, then you should consider the help of a meal kit delivery service. There are numerous meal kit delivery services that cater to this diet, with tasty meals that allow you to successfully follow the stringent Whole30 diet.


A Look At The Whole30 Diet


What exactly is the Whole30 Diet? While it’s been around for at least 10 years and grown in popularity, some people may not understand the premise behind it. It’s an elimination diet that requires that you eliminate certain food groups and ingredients from your diet. With this Whole30 diet, you are not permitted to eat or drink alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, legumes or soy for 30 days. 


Yes, it is similar to the Paleo diet but even more restrictive in that you cannot have natural sweeteners either (no honey, no maple syrup). The key is to eliminate those foods that can cause health problems for 30 days. After this, you can slowly introduce them back into your diet. 

What Foods Can You Have and Not Have On The Whole30 Diet?


The idea is to eliminate the trigger foods in your diet for a full 30 days— no alcohol, no dairy, no legumes, no grains, etc. You also don’t need to consume soy such as miso, soy or tofu. You also want to avoid foods with sugar in them as well as processed foods. When reading labels, be mindful of words such as sulfites, MSG and carrageenan, which means the food has been processed. 


 Yes, it’s a restrictive list, but there is still plenty that can be consumed. What foods can you eat while doing the Whole30 day diet? 


  • Coffee (do not add in dairy or sweeteners)

  • Coconut oil

  • Eggs

  • Fruits

  • Ghee

  • Nuts (no peanuts because they are a legume)

  • Olive oil

  • Seafood

  • Vegetables


Can You Use A Meal Kit Delivery Service When Doing The Whole30 Diet?


When you’re on the Whole30 diet, you may be wondering if you can use any meal kit delivery service to aid you in your success. Given how restrictive the diet is, many people may find it too much to meet the diet’s requirements and still eat healthy, tasty foods. Once you allow that “too difficult to do” mentality to creep in, the diet is going to fail. 


With a meal kit delivery service, you can rest assured that your diet will succeed. After all, the program will create recipes that tailor to you, do all the meal planning, shopping and prepping so that it arrives in a well-balanced meal that you just heat and eat. A meal kit delivery service will help you to succeed with the Whole30 diet. 


How To Find A Meal Kit Delivery Service That Caters To The Whole30 Diet?


When it comes to finding the best meal kit delivery service for your Whole30 diet, you want one that works within your budget and meets your taste buds. 


  • The prices between the different companies out there can be significant, which is why you need to do your research here. 

  • Be sure to look into the company’s plans to see what flexibility they offer, as you may need to pause the service for a week or two.

  • Does the company use organic or sustainably-sourced ingredients for its meals? Do they provide any supplier information, so you know where the ingredients are coming from?


Everybody is different, so know what you consider to be most important to help you choose a meal kit delivery service while on the Whole30 diet.


There is an array of meal kit delivery services that offer meals that cater to the Whole30 diet program. To find the best one, you may need to try out different ones. This will help you to know just how diverse their meals are by each company. With the ability to skip weeks, you can try out the different services and find one that’s right for you. 


No matter what service you do go with, it’s easy to stick with the Whole30 diet with a meal kit delivery service beside you.